Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Random Sara musings

To be a character seems at first like being a freeloader. After all, you are living rent-free in your creator's mind. While you might not have corporeal needs, your creator may still be spending resources on you, in the form of time/labor in drawing you or telling your story, money for commissions, etc.

But you are not a freeloader. You do have a job: To entertain. To inspire. To arouse, if you're that kind of OC. Maybe you're not contributing in the form of rent money (unless you're part of a published setting that has a monetized fanbase?) but you're helping your creator get through the otherwise dull and lifeless world of capitalism and day jobs. The income your creator earns is how they survive and get through the day; people like you are why.

And all that's assuming you're just a character, of course. If you come to life and turn real... well, then.

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