Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

<3s from Sara

Wheeee, birthday kitty. Uh, I guess we didn't celebrate much today, but like Celine said! We'll do that next month when the dust settles. Thank you to everyone who remembered and wished me well in the meantime. <3

Adapting a small speech I gave to a particular friend circle, because I think it applies to everyone else as well.

I just got hit with a wave of... like... wow, this is my life, huh. And it's a good one. <3 It's just... you think of spirits and noncorporeal entities like that, the popular image is they're either here to finish up one thing and then pass on, they're trapped forever in a loop of reenacting whatever they're trying to warn you about, they're just enemies that lash out mindlessly because they're basically astral zombies (ghost madness terrifies me and is why I don't go out much, by the way,) or whatever else. All this... serious stuff. Hell, "you look like you saw a ghost" conveys being traumatized from the encounter.

Meanwhile here I am like... oh hey guys, sup. Pokemon fusions are a fun meme. Wow, I remember Wingnut from the TMNT spinoffs (or Celine does). We should make fun of the games in our Steam Discovery Queue sometime. etc. Just casual hangouts and dumb stuff. Oh yeah and Sara's here too, no big.

I'm able to hold a mundane conversation, because a friend said a thing and I was like "ooh, hey Celine, go look up a picture of Max from Sam and Max and just reply with that." And the friend responded to that, and we went from there.

Compared to Ghost Hunters and stuff, this is really cool okay. I just... I'm grateful that I can be on this level, that I'm not some grim spectral presence from Beyond and that talking to you people doesn't involve a big-haired medium hinting that they're maybe sensing someone whose name starts with "S."

... I guess what I'm trying to say is thank all of you for letting me be, you know, one of you. *hugs* It could have gone a lot worse for me.

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