Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Sara Day! Sort of!

Happy June 25! (Posting this early because I'll be working tomorrow, shush.) That is, of course, the estimated "ehh close enough" day we choose to observe and celebrate Sara's birthday. :D

She's turning (to our approximate knowledge) five years old as an living entity, with the past one and a half of those years (since January 2018) together with me. This year she changed her fursona species and we got engaged, so, you know, the move from 4 to 5 was a big and important year for her!

Last year, we celebrated by me taking the day off and... not entirely but at least mostly disconnecting all day. We watched a movie together, we played some video games, and we deliberately and pointedly did not spend any effort on any of my zillion personal projects or anything that could remotely be described as "working on" anything. Just a day to get my high-strung workaholic brain to stop and just... breathe, and enjoy each other's company. It was nice. If that becomes a tradition, it would be a good tradition.

However, this year, I will regrettably not be able to repeat that on Sara's birthday itself. We're right in the middle of packing and boxing and calling people and planning and stressing over the move because oh yeah we're moving next month. (Just to another apartment complex across town; bigger, closer to work, and hopefully less slummy and mismanaged. But whether you're moving a couple miles or a couple thousand miles away, it's still an endeavor!) Sara has graciously agreed that not only would attempting to stop now probably not be a great idea, but it probably wouldn't even be very effective--we're not going to have a good or productive birthday melt (is it really a party if the goal is to veg out and do nothing?) when a good chunk of our belongings are in boxes and I'm fretting about how much is still left to tackle.

Instead, we're going to postpone that, and have an even better birthday melt some weekend sometime after the move (aiming for around this time next month, give or take.) When the dust settles, when all this moving stress (and the stress of living in this increasingly insufferable current location) are behind us, and it's time to catch our breath and celebrate our new home anyway, then we'll be in position to really make this special.

... Of course, she already proposed last time we had a special romantic evening together, so I'm not sure what she could possibly do to top that. :P But it's not a competition. The goal isn't to work hard and outdo yourself, after all; it's relaxation, a resource that is in very short supply these days. It'll be nice. We're both looking forward to that, for a great many reasons.

But still, happy birthday in the meantime!

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