Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Dream log: Well, that's one way to handle the redesign.

Dreamed that we went to see the Sonic movie now that it was apparently out. It was openly, and I mean openly furbait as hell. Like, to the point that they just straight up stole the Group Room (Honey Bee Inn) bit from FF7 only with Sonic and a heavily anthropomorphized, SpelunkerSal's "Roommates" style Roy Koopa and... one of the other koopalings, I forget which but he was bara. This was deliberate; Sal had actually landed a role working on this movie and put this bit of direction in himself.

It was still kind of a letdown, mostly because I was mentally contrasting the ending credits (which, in the dream, were a basic-ass no-frills text scroll set to absolute dead silence possibly for artsy reasons?) to those of Detective Pikachu (which in real life are a ParaNorman/Kubo and the Two Strings-tier feat of fanservice so great that I really want to watch Detective Pikachu again just so I can watch the credits again.)

Woke up with the sobering realization that this is still an improvement over what we're probably going to get.

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