Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Detective Pikachu [Film]: Non-spoiler thoughts

It was good!

It was strongly based on the game plot but freely took off in its own direction at times, which honestly was fine. In fact, the new bits were the strongest ones, I thought. By contrast, the parts that did follow the game script did so... uh, quickly? I feel like there were... not the whole movie (it was fantastic overall, please don't get me wrong!) but there were parts where the fact that they crammed a ten-hour adventure game plot into an hour 45 or so kind of showed.

I feel like I enjoyed the game better overall, but that's like saying Ori and the Blind Forest is better than Star Ocean 2. I mean, it is, but they're such different games capturing different experiences that they're not really competing, and both are absolutely worth experiencing. The game did not "win" just because I enjoyed its experience slightly more; again, the movie was fantastic in its own way. Each version offered some really good stuff the other was missing.

I recommend both, for sure. I feel like doing the game first is the better approach if you have the time, both are available, and it's an option, but that's probably just because I did the game first myself and I'm biased by my own inability to imagine doing it any other way.

But yeah. Is good. <3

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