Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

The Creepypasta of Jonah

(Dumb shitpost chatlog that I'm reproducing here because it's funny)

Everest, [26.03.19 08:22]
You should do a youtube series where you play these old games but things keep going subtly wrong in weird uncanny ways and it turns out the games are haunted like a youtube horror arg

Everest, [26.03.19 08:23]
Like "hmm, this is the trouble screen from the jonah game but im playing noahs animal stacker, thats weird... wait whats that behind m - AHHKK *stabbing noises*

Everest, [26.03.19 08:24]
YouTube fame in 2.5 seconds

Everest, [26.03.19 08:24]
Donr forget the hyper realistic blood

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:30]
Honestly I feel like the Interlight saga up until around when you got here really sounded like a creepypasta setup anyway--you had this RARE UNDISCOVERED GAME from a company (Interlight in this case) that basically works as a fictional OC company stand-in because it doesn't exist except for this game but the author can give all this exhaustive detail about them from their "research"

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:30]
that I acquired second hand from a mysterious yard sale ebay auction

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:31]
and you have all these blog entries about trying to get the damn thing working, VERY SLOWLY MAKING PROGRESS all while building intrigue

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:31]
and then of course as soon as we pointed that out the goddamn Lemmings thing happened

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:31]
it was perf

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:32]
Anyway so really all I needed to do was make some sort of Petscop/Ben Drowned like fake footage when I finally got to the part where I cracked the code and could show this game

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:32]
and make it creepy

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:33]
though tbh the actual game already has some really weird looking NPCs and, you know

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:33]
the trouble

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:33]
pretty much all I needed was some missingno glitchy shit and an entry about how bad things were starting to happen to me IRL

Everest, [26.03.19 08:33]
Youre talking while the old slave lady turns up ans whispers "kill your family..." in place of her usual line and you dont notice cuz ur talking

Everest, [26.03.19 08:34]
And ur like "wait what did she say?"

Everest, [26.03.19 08:34]
And just random single frames of corruption and eyes and stuff

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:34]
blood sheep
hear its bleat

Everest, [26.03.19 08:35]
Then you start seeing the trouble everywhere

Everest, [26.03.19 08:35]
You start dreaming about the trouble

Everest, [26.03.19 08:35]
Seeing that face behind your eyes

Everest, [26.03.19 08:35]
Woken up by the sirens

Everest, [26.03.19 08:35]
The edge of your vision you swear you can barely see those eyes

Everest, [26.03.19 08:35]
The trouble is going to catch you.

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:35]
I enter a door in my second run I KNOW FOR A FACT is safe because I just showed that area in the first, but there's randomly a trouble warp there now, and it looks... vaguely different somehow... mostly the same but a little more red-tinted. It's super hard to see because of how dark it is but it almost looks like there could be some blood on the floor.

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:36]
and it drops me off in a new area I've never seen before, not even when I was younger...

Celine & Sara Kalante, [26.03.19 08:37]
STAY OUT OF TROUBLE written in zalgotext

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