Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Lost Sheep footage!

At long last, here it... mostly is.

This is an unlisted video for now, because it's not the official version yet. I have big plans for eventually getting a YouTube game review show off the ground. I taught myself spriting in Pixel Studio and composing in FamiTracker just so I could make the intro splash screen bumper things. My first episode will probably be Family Dog (and will probably make a lot of the same points with the same basic mood as my COMPLETE entry for it) just to set the tone for what kind of show I want this to be. (Conversely, this one. This is exactly what I'm aiming for. The only thing I would change is that my show probably wouldn't have the live-action skit intro.) Once it's established, I'll do a thing on The Story of Jonah, probably as episode 2 or 3.

But that's going to be months down the road, and I didn't want to wait. This is footage from an undiscovered game, something that you might be among the first people in the post-Internet world to see. Of course I'm going to have a "just so you know what Lost Sheep looks and plays like" leak in advance of the official review.

But here it is. After everything... after the entire saga in the Interlight tag, I present to you: Lost Sheep.

This would not have happened without your continued support. I hope you find the whole thing as... you know, worth it as I do. Thank you.

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Tags: interlight
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