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New equipment arrived! Screenshots within!

My new microphone stand and capture card have arrived!

The microphone stand was supposed to be a solution to "how in the world do I use my microphone while I'm sunk deeply into my couch" because a regular vertical pole concert-style stand just... was not the right answer for that. This one looks like a boom arm on a C-clamp, so you clamp it onto something and then have an extendable arm from there. The problem is that I just plain do not have anything suitable it can clamp onto. I was really hoping the clamp was optional and the parts were compatible and I could just screw the boom arm into the top of my other stand instead, but no such luck. At least it came with a nicer pop filter that's probably an upgrade over my current one, but that's... vexing.

The capture card held much better news, though! After a brief panic where I thought I guessed wrong and didn't have the available free PCI-e slots required for it on my old potato of a motherboard, it turns out I could move some things around (fun fact: you're totally allowed to put one of those smaller PCI-e x1 type cards into a longer PCI-e x4 or x8 or x16 slot and it works fine) and everything's good to go now.

So! With the capture card in place, and the physical console and RetroTINK and everything feeding into it, my setup is good to go! I don't really have time to record the footage and make the actual videos just yet, but I of course had to take some test screenshots of various games and settings. I even made sure one of the test games was The Story of Jonah. This is still essentially an undiscovered game, after all. After all the hyping I've been doing, I have what may well be the first-ever images of this game on the Internet. After showing my friends and such in IM last night, you might just be among the first people in the world to see this....

  • 8 Eyes (NES)
  • Image 1: Native actual physical NES and cart, composite signal fed through RetroTINK.
  • Image 2: Same thing but with the RetroTINK's optional smoothing filter on.
  • Image 3, Image 4, and Image 5: 8 Eyes ROM on a modified NES Classic console instead, with the "Pixel perfect", stretched, and faux scanline filters/display mode options, respectively. Let's be honest; we knew even a RetroTINK-enhanced signal wasn't going to compete with this, because unless I spring for some HD Retrovision cables or something, there's only so much you can do with composite. If I ever want to make a video on an NES or SNES game, it still makes a lot more sense to use the Classics (if not a PC emulator; undecided, will think about it later.) Still, that's not an option for the other consoles. There's no such thing as a CD-i Classic, obviously, because what would you even put on it for the unmodified base library? The RetroTINK will still see plenty of use, I'm sure. In fact, let's see some use right now!

  • Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PSX)
  • Image 1: Native actual physical PSX and disc, composite signal fed through RetroTINK.
  • Image 2: Same thing but with the RetroTINK's optional smoothing filter on.

  • The Story of Jonah ("Lost Sheep" minigame) (CD-i)
  • Image 1: Native actual physical PSX and disc, composite signal fed through RetroTINK.
  • Image 2: Same thing but with the RetroTINK's optional smoothing filter on.

If I'm serious about making a video about any PSX (or Genesis) games, I should probably invest in HD Retrovision component cables before I do. I held off on that part of the purchase for now, because they're hideously expensive and I don't need Genesis/PSX cables when my focus right now is on other consoles. Still, it's good to know they're an option for when I need them. Meanwhile, if I want to make a video about any NES or SNES game with the absolute best quality possible, the easiest and most obvious answer is to use the Classic consoles (or a PC emulator.) For the CD-i... uh... with no Classic or Retrovision options, I think this is about as good as it's going to get. Thank God for the RetroTINK cleaning it up at least this much.

Meanwhile, the capture card also had some other exciting news that ties back into the microphone stand issue, too! It turns out that having the "Pro" version means that the recording software comes with a zero-latency instant real time feed. In fact, for all of these screenshots I took, I didn't even have the TV on; I just played and launched each game by looking at the capture card's signal on my PC instead. Because that worked so well, it seems recording everything from here could be a possible option, if I just can't get my microphone to work with my couch.

Anyway, there you have it! What do you think? How's it looking? :3

Celine & Sara Kalante, [20.03.19 21:05]
... Holy shit. I think it's sinking in.

Celine & Sara Kalante, [20.03.19 21:05]
After all this time... all this time, and effort, and money, and everything, I have successfully captured a screen from Lost Sheep and showed it to someone, and gotten a reaction to it. This game officially exists now.

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