Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Oh, you know, just Istaria things

Logged into Istaria with my dragon alt.

Showed up right in the middle of a (totally in-character, RP'd out with guildmates /em posing at each other) mini-crisis wherein we were struggling to get through to a wild dragon hatchling. The hatchling was deaf and mute and mostly unable to read or right, and was upset to the point of lashing out over something but the communication barrier made it impossible to tell what. Attempts to deescalate the situation failed, the wild hatchling attacked, was magically bound for a bit, then broke free and ran away. One of the others left some food on a nearby hill as a peace offering just in case they came back later.

With that crisis averted for now, the remaining guildmates sat around at just talked for a while. I ended up confessing through several layers of RP server obfuscation about "souls connected somehow" and "guiding forces" and whatnot to spell out the relationship between us and our characters (Syrahlia [F] and Ahrashace [M] are alts, Celine [MtF] and Sara [F] are a plural system, Celine controls both of them, Sara doesn't really play Istaria but watches) and ended up befriending another plural system OOC. We added each other on Discord and I'm looking forward to talking to them more.

Then wild hatchling came back literally right as I was signing off, so that whole saga is going to continue for everyone else. I just kind of left them to it because we had to get to bed.

And that was my Istaria session. Didn't do a single thing that made any sort of progression toward anything. Doesn't matter. Istaria: What Even Is This Game. (TM)

You know, I used to make fun of the fact that the only people who would play Istaria in the year of our Lord Current Year are the people treating it as Dragon Second Life. Turns out Dragon Second Life is pretty awesome actually.

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