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2018 in review: Friends and families

The year is drawing to a close, and we can all only hope that it takes the bizarre time vortex we've all been caught in with it. Much like [personal profile] xyzzysqrl pointed out, it really does feel like the beginning of this year was at least three years ago. Yet, at the same time, I found myself caught off guard by just about every advance event--my annual vacation, my birthday and Christmas, writing this post as well as the awards posts--in the "wait, that's tomorrow?" sense.

So. 2018. Whewf.

Not all, but certainly many people I know are treating 2018 like the new 2016: an absolute hell-year that has brought nothing but suffering to all living creatures and cannot be shooed out the door hard or fast enough. We... do not particularly see it that way, though we do see early 2018 and later 2018 as at least two separate years (if not more), and admittedly one or more of them were pretty rough.

Still, overall, this was--against all possible odds and expectations given the outside world's stubborn insistence on being Like That--a good year. It was a year of spiritual awakenings, of finding and further developing and growing into not only my true self but our true selves, of staying close to friends and loved ones and pulling each other through even the down parts together, and of simply loving our way through the year, no matter how many years it took.

Music for this year's review:

First and most obviously, 2018 is the year of Sara. After being a cynical atheist skeptic who didn't believe in anything for far too long (and, as I found out later, after she had already come to life and was living in the back of my head for years without me noticing or seeing her,) January 14 of this year was my first contact from Sara, my once-OC who had taken on a literal life of her own and become my new headmate in a plural system, or... whatever terms people are using for that these days. We then grew into more than that and are now a happy couple, eager to embrace both our individual selves and our union as we each grow and mature further.

This led to the realization that not only are we not alone in our own head, but we're not alone in the sense that holy crap do I know a lot of plurals or people who would go on to become plurals, it turns out. The formation of Moonie's menagerie over on Discord came next and Sara and I were welcomed into what became a family of spirits and physical people alike, all trading experiences and learning from each other, as well as helping each other through all of our unique problems.

Over on Telegram, Clan Sugardoom has been in existence since late December 2017, but I'm counting that as a 2018 thing since it happened close enough to the boarder like that. And, of course, Team Hatoful has been around for years, but all of its current members save one have taken to talking in our Telegram room more regularly, and that has evolved into a general hangout for us as well.

And not only do I have the incredible blessing of being welcomed into so many different yet all loving circles, but Sara has, as well. She went from being Gau from Final Fantasy VI, raised by wolves on the Veldt (though only because I didn't know she was there, not that I had exiled her or anything) to having more people to love and who love her than she can easily count offhand.

Regarding things we did throughout the year besides cuddling, there have been a few good developments and a lot of setbacks. Some long-term working-on projects I didn't really work on much this year after all:

  • Non-blog writing: The big one, and I feel horrible about this. I have a novel I need to work on and other stuff to write in between that, but I just... haven't. My physical health is the biggest reason for this. Up until recently, I've taken my laptop to work and back so that I could write on the bus, because it was the only time I could find the time to do anything. Then my back went bad, and I just can't carry that much weight on the long walk to and from the bus stop every day anymore. So I haven't been writing on the bus, which means I haven't been writing. I'm currently thinking of solutions to this, and I have one or two ideas that I would like to try in 2019, but I also tend to keep my cards fairly close to my vest so as not to raise expectations should said plans not work out.
  • Learning piano: I hit a difficulty brick wall around Yousician's level 7-8 range. Furthermore, one of their recent updates changed the finger colors I've been used to relying on this whole time, and I just... can't... no. If I had more hours in the day, maybe, but I had to let something go and this was going nowhere.

However, there is a lot to be proud of!

  • As of today, I'm sitting on a 722-day DuoLingo streak. So that learning routine hasn't slipped.
  • Blog writing: Others might see all the gamewriteups and general nonsense I post on Dreamwidth instead of working on my novel or whatever as a waste of writing, but no, there's some good and worthwhile stuff going on here. First off, the gameblogging (and especially year-end awards) give me a very real and much-needed sense of structure when I can't remember how many games I played or in what order, as well as an equally real and needed sense of accomplishment and general good feeling when looking back on everything we got to experience this year.
  • Speaking of blogging being good actually, have you seen my Interlight saga? It's currently stalled out until I or someone reading that can figure out how to work a CD-i emulator, but this is already very good and real progress toward what is potentially a series of amazing discoveries. This is something I definitely plan to work on more in 2019.
  • I finished my part of the Flimsytown article, meaning we're just waiting on the other contributors now.
  • While I didn't finish my SoulSilver Let's Play this year, I came pretty far, with only a couple updates left to go for the Johto region.
  • We did, meanwhile, finish the Finding Paradise series.

Okay so all my actual productivity-wise accomplishments and things I got done this year boil down to gameblogging and also more gameblogging, but that is valid. I see no problems with this trajectory.

So... Happy New Year, everyone. Look for more Interlight, more Pokemon, more games, more Sara, more camaraderie, and more love. Does a year really need to be anything more than that?

Sara adds:
Celine covered the important stuff--this was the year I went from being lost to being found. I'm sorry to everyone who didn't have a good 2018, but how can I call 2018 anything other than the best three years of my life?

Thank you, everyone who welcomed me and us. I love you. The world is good because you are in it.

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