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Frustrations and setbacks

I regrettably do not have any major discoveries or breakthroughs to announce this time, but I didn't want to leave the Interlight saga hanging with radio silence and no update.

At this point, the current status of the project is that I think I have successfully ripped and dumped The Story of Jonah. IsoBuster can see the contents of the disc just fine, and I extracted .iso and .cue files.

Testing and playing it is the trick, because it turns out that the current state of CD-i emulation is a dire mess. We have tried just about every CD-i emulator on the market, and they all either completely fail to read images (even an actual CD-i ROM I downloaded just to have a known good ROM to test as a control variable) or setting them up is such an arcane advanced degree-requiring nightmare that we haven't even been able to get far enough to read the images. It might just be easier to get an actual CD-i and a capture card at this point, but three problems:

1) CD-is are like $300
2) According to [personal profile] swordianmaster, at least some CD-i units have faulty batteries that tend to brick the system when they die, meaning the console itself is on that whole "better enjoy this while you can before that 30-year-old internal battery finally gives out" doomsday clock that is usually reserved for old console games with battery saves. This makes it harder to justify spending that much money on a CD-i.
3) Even if I capture-carded this, some YouTube videos of me playing Lost Sheep aren't really the same thing as getting dumps published. I mean, ideally anyone who's actually interested after reading all this should be able to check the Interlight games out for themselves, too.

At this point, we're at a loss. Tremendous thank yous to all my friends and loved ones who helped me get the project this far: [personal profile] xyzzysqrl, [personal profile] swordianmaster, all the Video Game Giveaways Telegram group mods but especially Jão, and of course Sara <3 But the next step might just involve expanding our support network out even further. At this point, we have what I think is a good dump of The Story of Jonah (I can dump all the other ones too if that one works, but may as well make sure we're on the right track first) and can provide the files to anyone who asks, but what in the name of all that's fluffy do you do with them? I can't... I'm sorry, I'm not smart enough to hack through the current CD-i emulation scene. If anyone reading this is, or can help spread the word to someone who is (https://kjorteo.dreamwidth.org/tag/interlight if you need a handy link to bring them up to speed on what we're trying to do here and what we have so far,) or knows something I missed, or.... Basically, what I need is someone to either poke around with the files on their end or hold my hand through how to do that on mine.

If you can do this, you will have my eternal undying gratitude. If I'm right about not seeing any of these already dumped anywhere, and Sword is right about even the physical consoles themselves having a shelf life... well. Losable gaming history is at stake.

(Actually, it might be anyway. CDs are more stable than old floppy disks but they are not a permanent safe and secure forever medium. It may take decades, such that these CD-i games from 1991 are still perfectly fine for now, but bit rot can eventually claim them if physical scratches don't first.)

Finally, I need to issue a correction for this part of the log from last entry:

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:13]
Again, it's... mostly just because this is all going so easy so far. Jonah was like $40 on Amazon. All I needed was the full (corrected, thanks MobyGames) company name from the box and I found two ex-Interlight employees on LinkedIn with a simple two-minute DuckDuckGo search. I'm used to how epic that American Sailor Moon article made The Search feel, and this is all just... this is not hard. Why am I the only person who ever thought to do this.

Oh, because CD-i emulation is an unfathomable hellscape and anyone else who tried this probably hit the same hurdles I just did. I see.

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