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And then there were six more

They're heeeerrrrreeeeeee

I don't really have the time tonight to get higher-resolution scans of the front and back of the remaining five boxes, like I did for The Story of Jonah. Actually, time is going to be an issue for the foreseeable future. The winners post for the gameblogging awards will involve some writing, as will the year-in-review thing I usually do. We will be visiting family sometime over the Christmas break. Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives tomorrow aaaaaaaa and of course we at least have to peek at that a little, I mean come on. I'd ideally like to acquire and play Detective Pikachu before the movie comes out. All this on top of usual chores, day job, electrolysis sessions when I can squeeze them in, etc.

That said, the good news is I at least have all the Interlight games now, and they're here, safe and sound. The current state of dumping them is that IsoBuster can read the contents of each disc just fine, and extract them to PC as well, but either I'm clueless or it seems to be unable to extract them in the form of a single image file like a .bin or .iso or something. Instead, I get a whole uncompressed actual folder full of the individual asset files. (Things I've learned today: Apparently 90% of a CD-i's content is stored in .rtf files, even things like the video and audio clips. These are of course complete unicode explosion gibberish if you attempt to treat them like actual .rtf files and, you know, read them.) To play these on PC, I will need two things:

1) A CD-i emulator
2) A way of either converting/compressing the raw folder or extracting the actual disc image into a form that the CD-i emulator can read

And that's... more than likely doable, but enough of a fuss that I don't really have time to fight with it tonight.

I don't want to leave this update without any discoveries, though, especially since this marks the update where I have received and now physically have the entire lot of Interlight games in my possession. Much like with Jonah before (though without the time to scan them for now--I promise I'll do that later) I at least went over the boxes, and found some interesting tidbits.

All of them follow the format of primarily being an animated main story, with minigames and bonus features on the side. The usual assortment is the Playroom (which has a coloring book, connect-the-dots, slider puzzles, and singalong songs), browsable Bible passages and "Tell Me More" info about Bibical setting details, a glossary of difficult words (I mean you're trying to market Scripture to young children after all,) etc. plus one big side game. For The Story of Jonah, it's Lost Sheep. David and Goliath has something called Goliath's Challenge, Moses: The Exodus has Pyramid Pursuit, Moses: Bound for the Promised Land has Desert Quest, Noah's Ark has Rainbow Walk, and The Story of Samson has Riddler's Race. So I was right to suspect the other games might have a Lost Sheep equivalent. How good/noteworthy/interesting the others actually are remains to be seen, but this is promising.

Every game in this lot had the dust sleeve and case, and the disc. None of them had that registration card or catalog that came with the other copy of The Story of Jonah I received from Amazon. I now feel infinitely better about having made both purchases just in case; yes I have two copies of Jonah now, but I wouldn't have had access to that catalog at all if I hadn't done that.

So hey, now we're all set for whenever the dumping/emulation issues are worked out, and whenever I can find the time.

On a more somber yet heartfelt note, I'd like to thank everyone who's been following and taking an interest in this series so far. I got... uh... kind of down and discouraged about this entire project the other day, after the last update. Not because anything happened, but just... a kind of wave of... mood crash hit me, and left me feeling all existential-crisis-y about what I was even doing here. I talked about it with a couple clanmates ([personal profile] swordianmaster and Sara, thank you both <3) and they were able to cheer me up. Beyond that, though, every comment I get from you people here about "this is so cool and fascinating and I'm really excited to see what you found" just... keeps me going, let's put it that way.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:04]
This whole CD-i thing. It's... on one hand, I feel excited to be resurrecting something that may actually be lost here. I mean, I've searched around, had some friends do the same, this stuff is undumped and unlisted, right?

But like... this feels... mmh. What's the word. Hollow. I've always looked up to other collectors and their Amazing Discoveries of X Rare Prototype in the wild because they're painted like they're Indiana Jones or something, where there's this lost treasure that everyone covets but no one can find until one brave hero goes on an adventure and overcomes all the odds.

I'm legitimately getting impostor syndrome here because something just feels wrong about all of this. Like, this game was $40 on Amazon and it's not even the first time I saw it there. I am legitimately expecting, at absolutely any second now, for some commenter to be like "Oh hey I didn't see you over there looking into this, yeah we've had these archived right over here for years and I could have told you that but I didn't see you over there lol."

Like, an actual legitimate discovery the Internet has never seen before can't be this easy.

Not to someone like me, who has literally zero experience with investigative journalism and really barely anything in the way of game collecting aside from somethimes hitting up eBay for the well known Wisdom Tree-tier collector's carts (and then not actually buying them because they're expensive.)

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:05]
And... I don't know. I looked through that catalog in the liner notes and just about everything there is in a similarly undumped position, unless I'm just that awful at this.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:05]
And the thing that hit me... the sobering realization here.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:05]
We are in this position not because any of these games are at all hard to track down if you really try, but because I'm apparently the only person who cares.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:06]
[In reply to Celine Kalante]
...Yeah. Because... Remember when you called it "not a game"? It's probably not. It was probably intended for Churches That Had CD-Is.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:06]
It's... I would not be surprised if this is like Phoenix Games and it's just a movie with some minigames stapled on.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:07]
In which case... well.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:07]
It's a rare discovery that needs to be chronicled, yes, but it's also...

Sword, [05.12.18 16:07]
.....the video equivalent of shovelware.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:07]
It matters, but the scope of who it matters to is smaller than you first envisioned.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:08]
I mean, look. It's a Children's Bible thing. Even if it were a game, it's not exactly a mainstream market then and probably only of interest to Obscuritory-like archivists now.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:08]
I'm just... I'm just a little caught off guard by how not even they seem to care.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:08]
[In reply to Celine Kalante]
Literally the only way ANYONE heard of it was AVGN.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:09]
You might not have remembered how to track it down if it didn't get THAT blip on the radar.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:09]
I wasn't even aware AVGN had covered it. I tracked it down because my grandparents had Jonah, and by sheer dumb luck I found Jonah as part of that set along with the other five games in the "holy shit, Interlight made five more of these??" bin.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:11]
...that's actually true.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:11]
AVGN covered Moses: Exodus.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:12]
I don't know. I think it's just... again, I wasn't expecting any surface-level "this looks like a good game/good cartoon" interest in this, unless Lost Sheep is as out there as I remember. I figured this would only be of interest to collectors.

I just... I guess I just figured "hey this is apparently an undumped, possibly completely undiscovered game outside occasional eBay auctions" would have at least interested them.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:13]
[In reply to Celine Kalante]
....is it important for it to?

Sword, [05.12.18 16:13]
I thought the whole reason you were so hype about this was because it interested you.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:13]
Again, it's... mostly just because this is all going so easy so far. Jonah was like $40 on Amazon. All I needed was the full (corrected, thanks MobyGames) company name from the box and I found two ex-Interlight employees on LinkedIn with a simple two-minute DuckDuckGo search. I'm used to how epic that American Sailor Moon article made The Search feel, and this is all just... this is not hard. Why am I the only person who ever thought to do this.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:14]
[In reply to Sword]
I was hype because I wanted people to see Lost Sheep, and then I became even more hype when I realized hey, I might actually have made A Discovery.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:19]
And I still don't know whether I have, because all the facts seem to point to yes but it just doesn't feel like it.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:23]
I guess I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. The punchline at this was never a real hunt, we all knew about this all along, I'm just really bad at searching for the obvious.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:24]
I've seen the lengths to which collectors go. I just can't fathom that any fruit this low hanging would remain unpicked, unless it was never a mystery to begin with.

Sara Kalante, [05.12.18 16:37]
[In reply to Celine Kalante]
This is called self doubt. You don't think this is real because you're doing it, and anything you pulled off must by definition be something so easy an (insert negative self talk here) could do it.

Sara Kalante, [05.12.18 16:38]
[In reply to Celine Kalante]
Or, consider: Maybe they're so hidden that it took someone with an "I remember this one because my grandparents used to have it" connection to know what to search for. And even you, the "only one who cares," were blindsided by the other five in the lot.

Sara Kalante, [05.12.18 16:41]
Collectors can't go to those kinds of lengths for games they don't know about. And if they didn't have that personal connection to clue them in....

Sara Kalante, [05.12.18 16:41]
Who knows. Maybe that catalog is a discovery too.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:43]
But what about--

Sara Kalante, [05.12.18 16:43]
The ease of picking up Jonah on Amazon? Look, all those "found a hideously rare prototype whatever cart at a garage sale" stories require someone not knowing what they have treating it like a disposable paper plate.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:44]
[In reply to Celine Kalante]
Admittedly a lot of Antiques Roadshow things are played up, but also yeah. One person's trash, etc. What you found you could just as easily find for two bucks in a local Goodwill.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:44]
If you were lucky, and you knew what you were looking for.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:45]
To literally the entire rest of the world, it's Another Weird Computer CD Sandwiched Between DVDs Of Gigli And Dude, Where's My Car.

Sword, [05.12.18 16:46]
The reason it's such an underwhelming find is because so few people care.

The reason it hasn't been documented is for the same reason.

But because so few people care, it's that much more important for at least one person to care.

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:47]

Celine Kalante, [05.12.18 16:48]
*Hugs* Thank you. Both of you.

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