Celine Kalante (kjorteo) wrote,
Celine Kalante

Exit night, Interlight, take my hand, we're off to game collecting Hell

My pile of CD-i Bible games has apparently shipped, according to eBay. I haven't received it yet but it's in the mail and I have a tracking number, which means we've at least cleared the "what if the seller is running a scam and will now disappear forever" hurdle.

I am still unreasonably excited about this. Or is it that unreasonable? This may or may not be an actual big deal.

I've been doing some basic Internet searching while my mind is on the subject, and God help me I'm not ready to become an investigative journalist but here we are somehow. Learn from my mistakes, kids: Never be a game collector.

So, before we examine these games, we must first ask: just who was Interlight Productions, Inc.?

... No, really, that was not a rhetorical question. Who the fuck was Interlight Productions, Inc.?

MobyGames has almost nothing on them except the company name and the six games I just bought. These days, there seem to be about a billion Interlights per major industry, including at least one video game developer, making a search for this Interlight something like finding a needle in a needle stack.

Who were these people? Are any of them still around? Would attempting to track them down lead to an American Sailor Moon Odyssey?

I might learn more once the games arrive, if they have anything in the liner notes. However many decades later, I kind of forget if liner notes are a thing that CD-i games did. I guess we'll find out.

Also, making a tag for this now, just in case.

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