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[icon] It occurred to me that I forgot to go back and post links to the… - A Kjorteo draws near!
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Time:04:11 pm
It occurred to me that I forgot to go back and post links to the public at large now that it's all said and done, so ... here you go!

With Hatoful Boyfriend HolidayStar full version out at some point in the distant future, and the demo (which we are avoiding) out right now (though we are avoiding it,) I decided to assemble a team of friends to do a cooperative, collaborative read-through of Anghel's route in the original game, in preparation for the fact that we're going to do HolidayStar when it releases. The idea was to do this read-through now to test the group recording software and identify technical issues early, so that we won't get all the way to HolidayStar release day, eagerly and enthusiastically start recording, and then realize one of us has an unspeakably bad microphone that just isn't going to work for this, or something. Anghel's route was chosen because it's the only non-BBL route in the game in which the entire cast appears (due to Anghel himself not appearing in other routes.)

The experiment was a tremendous success. The team got together over two sessions, which davidn then edited into eight 20-30-minute episodes. We successfully cast everyone (I knew absolutely nothing about who was voicing whom going into this, except that I was probably going to end up with Sakuya again) and, as everyone has now watched the videos and seen their own performances, identified a few technical issues. (Yes, ravenworks clips absolutely everywhere and davidn has a blowing-into-his-microphone issue, but if those happen now and not in HolidayStar, then this run did exactly what it was supposed to do.) Moreover, a tremendously fun time was had by all; this group worked excellently together, and everyone was able to contribute (even random from-the-sidelines wisecrack when it wasn't their line) without too much of anyone stepping on anyone else's toes. There was almost never a dull moment, because the group format meant that at least one person always had something to say to crack the others up. We had a tremendously entertaining time, and I absolutely cannot wait to do this again.

In fact, I actually really want to do BBL now. There are so many things I just have to see how this group handles, from [heavy BBL spoilers to other heavy BBL spoilers.]how davidn handles his characters' voices during each of their tear-jerking backstory flashbacks, and especially Kazuaki post-reveal, to how xaq's barely-keeping-it-together Ryouta handles all the trauma he goes through and how his Okosan does the inspirational pep talk near the end, to how its_a_trap does the tertiary characters like One we presumably send her way to counteract the ... er ... lessened role Hiyoko has in BBL, to how ravenworks and I play off each other during Yuuya's death scene. Also, I get to chide Raven's character for his forays with x-rated videos on the intertubes, in the Pidgeworth voice. That alone is worth the price of admission, I would think! From hilarity to horror to tear-jerking drama, it will be a mad hato-fest with presumably no such thing as overacting or restraint. Who's with me?

Anyway, if anyone else wants to see the end result of our Anghel run, links are below! Keep in mind that it's sort of meant to follow my hundred-percent (or so we thought) Hatoful Livestream session, in that it very freely discusses the reveals and such from BBL (in other words, HEAVY SPOILERS) and also makes frequent references to things my Hato stream sort of ended up making iconic, including but not limited to the Pidgeworth voice, referring to Shuu as Doctor Murderbeaks, etc. Though I suppose most of those types of references can be picked up through context....


its_a_trap: Kalante Teo (davidn, in his infinite wisdom, decided there would be no confusion whatsoever from having a protagonist named after me and voiced by someone other than me), Azami
xaq: Kawara "Sad Beaks" Ryouta, Okosan
davidn: Professor Kazuaki, Doctor Iwamine "Murderbeaks" Shuu, Urushihara "Dapperkeet McBeaks" Kenzaborou
kjorteo: Shirogane Le Bel Miles Pidgeworth Sakuya, Nageki, Rabu, Narrator during fight scene
ravenworks: Yuuya, Anghel, Punkgeons, Narrator during cafe advertisement

(Week one)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
(Week two)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Many thanks to davidn for recording, editing, and uploading these, and the entire cast for helping out with this project. It ended up being amazing because you guys are amazing. [<3, or in Hatoful terms....]\(^o^)/
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Time:2012-08-27 03:25 am (UTC)
I suppose that my thought was that I could not significantly add to the madness - merely having Teo as the narrator who isn't Teo in a game like Hatoful Boyfriend is like pouring a teaspoonful of Nesquik into the Pacific Ocean. Besides, I find it as unimaginable to have this game without Miss Kalante as it would be without Pidgeworth :)

I hadn't realized how badly I was blowing into my microphone until I opened up the edited streams - I'm very glad that I was the one on a separate sound channel because it would have been impossible to edit together otherwise. I'll have to find a different way of wearing my headphones so that the microphone arm is not placed directly up my nose, or perhaps wear some sort of surgical mask...!

I'd like to do BBL - the only obstacle I can see being our brave narrator's obvious slightly diminished involvement.
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Time:2012-08-27 05:02 am (UTC)
Well, I'm sure she'd get over it quickly enough. It's nothing to lose her head over, after all.

Play 'em off, Ravenworks.
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[icon] It occurred to me that I forgot to go back and post links to the… - A Kjorteo draws near!
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