February 24th, 2019

Celine: Pixel

And then there were at least six more

*Screams externally*

I was on eBay looking just out of curiosity how much a physical CD-i would set me back, and I stumbled upon this lot. These aren't Interlight games, but Sandy's Circus Adventure and Zombie Dinos were similarly in the "My grandparents had all these kids' edutainment games" pile, and Sandy's Circus Adventure seems to have been met with Interlight levels of not existing anywhere on the current Internet that I was able to find.

God help me, this is going to be my thing, isn't it. This is what I'll be known for. Celine Kalante, the CD-i Children's Edutainment Expert.

Also keeping my eye on an auction for the system itself (fingers crossed,) which includes another game lot if I win.

I asked all of clan to please send help, but their reaction was basically the end of Edguy's Love Tyger video. I feel so enabled to do incredibly stupid things. Thanks, guys. <3

(Oh, and I got a roller controller, too. You know, for authenticity. Look, I honestly don't know how the edutainment pointy-clickies would even work on a normal CD-i controller. I thought this was the normal CD-i controller well into my adulthood; I'd never seen any other kind.)

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