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Time:12:18 pm
I had LASIK yesterday!

It's something I've been thinking about for almost a year, but I've been trying to keep under wraps, because there are a ton of ways to get disqualified as a candidate. Like, they won't do it if your corneas are too thin, for example. Does anyone here even know how thin their corneas are? Like, is that information normal people normally have? Thus, to me, a lot of it felt like "go in for the preliminary exam and roll a die, if it turns up 6, you can't have LASIK." I tried to keep the whole thing a secret, because I didn't want to make a big deal only to have the disappointment emphasized further by having to re-explain it to everyone else, you know? Like, the fewer people who even knew I was thinking about it, the fewer there would be to which I'd have to give the "oops, never mind, I'm not a candidate after all :(" speech. I figured the rejection would have stung enough as it was, without having to relive it with all my friends and family who were all waiting to see how it went and everything.

Still, it turns out that all that worry was for nothing; I passed, and the procedure was done yesterday. No more glasses for me!

Right now, my vision is mostly good at any range, but there's a bit of fuzziness in general, just because I'm just coming off of surgery. My corneas are all beat up, and the ability to focus in on things is still on the mend, because, you know, they just did this whole thing yesterday! I hope to attain perfect vision by the time I heal up. I'm already no longer nearsighted; it's not like the "things are blurry up close and even blurrier as they get farther away" sensation, like it used to be without my glasses. Right now, I have the same level of good vision at any range, just with some blurriness on top because I'm still healing. Once that passes, I stand a decent chance of healing all the way up to perfect 20/15 vision once I'm better ... but according to my followup today, I'm already 20/20 even right now (even if the unrelated-to-visual-acuity blurriness makes using the computer a bit annoying.)

Now, of course, the question becomes this: what about Teo? You know that I always try to match his appearance and accessories to mine--his hair grew out when mine did, etc. No more glasses for me ... so ... no more glasses for Teo? Is this the end of an era? :O

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Time:08:30 am
Things normal people do not do: download and install a virtual HD box environment thing, use it to create a 1 GB or so pretend virtual machine space, track down an ISO and serial number and everything for Windows 98 Second Edition and install it in the virtual machine space, and put up with the (still ongoing!) issues of getting everything installed and set up right and working and everything, especially with the thing taking like four years to boot and even so much as looking at it funny making it need to reboot (just like a real Win98 machine!), all just to create an environment to make this work.

(I'm almost there, but I still can't get the music :()
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Time:10:28 am
The Hatoful Kareshi manga has been updated again. Since last time I checked, Yuuya and Shuu have been added.

As always, every chapter is split into a bunch of bird form vignettes that stick to the Hatoful Boyfriend plot, and then a human form side story that freely includes HolidayStar stuff. STOP READING AND SKIP TO THE NEXT CHAPTER WHEN YOU SEE HUMAN FORMS. Because, you know, spoilers.

Totally worth it because Yuuya's chapter is amazing and I'm totally reading all of his lines in the ravenworks Yuuya voice. (And Sakuya's retorts in mine, of course. COUNCIL PRESIDENT CORRECTION KICK!)

And the Shuu chapter has no shortage of icon-ready Shuu pictures if davidn needed another Shuu icon (because I'm still using mine!)
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Time:07:12 pm

No, this is the plot of HolidayStar.

Edit: Too many buts! And I really need to navigate away from Yuuya's bookmars.
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Time:05:50 pm
So ... FurFright recap. Good heavens. Again, this was my first-ever convention. It was a very full and eventful weekend, so this may take a bit. Also, I'm just going to give everyone a page link once in a sort of legend at the top of this, and then refer to them by name without the link in the actual recap. This is because I'm going to be crossposting this to FA and LiveJournal, and the fewer things I have to change back and forth between HTML and BBCode, the better.


I flew in Thursday night, and DavidN picked me up at the airport. He was staying in the Courtyard with DF, Susi, and Scani, and I was also staying in the Courtyard but in my own room, so step one was for us to drive there and meet everyone and get started. Meeting David in real life for the first time was actually easier and less awkward than it was for everyone else, because he and I had been voicing pigeons together for so long (with him leaving his webcam on once or twice) that I already knew what he looked and sounded like. (I know, having the "oh, it's just Doctor Murderbeaks" reaction as soon as we started talking isn't supposed to make me feel *more* at ease, but shh.) The others had less of a preestablished path like that before I met them, but it seemed to go quite smoothly nonetheless.

Opening ceremonies were awesome. They started with a retrospective "how we got to this point" film about the first nine years of FurFright, none of which involved me, but all of which were presented in an amusing enough fashion that I developed a respect for its tradition nonetheless. It was like being next to a group of friends having a "remember that time we..." discussion that doesn't really concern you, but it was clearly such a good time that you kind of want it to. Maybe next time! Maybe I can get in now, and keep attending, and I'll start my own "I was there when..." collection that will itself be worth noting someday.

They then switched to a documentary on their charity of choice, the War Dogs, which was about as cheery and lighthearted as my novel or BBL and made me donate to literally the first bucket bridgade volunteer I saw as I left the ballroom.

Then I went and deliberately spent way too much money on stupid crap. It's not that I don't know how to be frugal; I do. It's just that I'm so used to having been so frugal for so long that it's actually harder for me to say "yes" to commissions, so one of the two goals I had going in was to just freaking buy something. I mean, I didn't come all that way, with the plane ticket and hotel reservation and everything, just to window shop! Conveniently, the other goal was to try to branch out a little, with some characters and scenes I haven't commissioned a million times already. (Expect more Shace posted to TeoGifts when all the take-homes start trickling in!) It was fun and I regret nothing.

Kaye showed up that evening, thus finally almost-completing our pigeon collective (not counting the fact that we need Xaq and Raven at FF 2013, obviously.) We hung out for a bit, and then DavidN and I attended a Whose Line-style improv event. That was amusing. I may be getting these two events slightly out of order; apologies if I am.

Saturday was a busy day. DavidN had an act in the Masquerade (AKA Furry Talent Show) and I really wanted to see it and see him, but the Masquerade happened at the exact same time as a writing lecture and subsequent Writer's Slam that I absolutely did not want to miss. Fortunately, I had nothing going on that morning, when the Masquarde rehearsal was going on. With DavidN's blessing, I followed him to that and sat in the audience as the acts (including him) did a runthrough of everything, so it was almost like I got to see everything.

After that, DavidN, Kaye, and I went to get some commemorative photos of our being there together in the same room after all this time on the internet. I donated to the War Dogs (again) in exchange for getting the high-resolution images on my flash drive. They are really nice pictures, except for the fact that I look like Slenderman or Cabadath the Tall Man or Faust from Guilty Gear or something, with my being roughly eight feet high and sixty pounds and all.

Then I had basically nothing going on during the afternoon, so there was more general hanging out (with friends, at the dealer's den, or both.) Then, that evening, we split up so DavidN could go to the Masquerade and Kaye and I could go to the writing stuff.

The writing panel was informative but casual; the guy made a point to emphasize that here were some tips and some things that help get the creative juices flowing, but he's not going to be a hardass about whether or not you're a real true writer if you do or don't do whatever. It was fun! It was about plot structure, and after having given us the basic structure and elements, he challenged us to come up with a rough plot for something. It didn't matter what, and it didn't have to be masterful or anything, just "a plot, off the top of your head." Even though I'm the one working on a novel and everything, I will give credit where credit is due and admit that Kaye stepped forward and I didn't. I think I was paralyzed by perfectionism; my novel is the subject of four years of polish, and I'm just not the type of person to barf out an idea off the top of my head and share it with a room without working on it a bit. Congratulations, Kaye; you were able to let go and get into it better than I was.

The Writer's Slam came next, and was a round circle-of-chairs discussion panel in which we would take turns reading a 1-2 page sample of a story we had written, and the rest of the group would spend about ten minutes discussing it and giving feedback before moving on to the next person's story. I brought the first two pages (which translates to the first scene and about 3/4 of the second scene) of chapter 1 of my novel. Kaye didn't have a story, but sat in and contributed on the feedback and discussion side anyway. The others' stories were interesting; there were some I really liked, and others I didn't, but the discussion was respectful and intelligent and very pleasant and enjoyable throughout.

Then I read mine, and, um.

Okay, this is weird for me, because I'm really not used to gloating or playing up how awesome my work is or anything, but this was their reaction, and I have to report what happened.

They LOVED it.

I mean they seriously, absolutely adored it.

I completely brought the house down. The discussion took a few moments to get started, because they had to un-stun themselves (one guy even directly said something to the effect of "I, um, really don't have anything I can say to critique that. :O" Everyone immediately wanted to know what it was called, if it was published anywhere, and basically where they could get it. I said that the rough manuscript is done but, unfortunately, I'm only about 5/8 done with the editing phase (in that I have gone through five chapters out of eight.) I said that if anyone was interested, I could give them my FA name and they could hit me up and I'd send them what I had so far, or something. I had something like four takers surrounding me as soon as the panel ended. Meanwhile, once people started talking, everyone kept paying particular praise to my gradual scene building, and how I say just enough to paint a picture but leave everyone intensely curious about the details. The first scene in the novel is a funeral and the second is a flashback from the perspective of the person who was just established as deceased, for example, and everyone wanted to know more about who this person was and what led from point A to point B, how he died, and so on.

Seriously, they were fawning over it.

After the Writer's Slam ended and I finished writing my FA name on every business card people handed me, I levitated about four feet off the ground and gently floated back down to the common area, to reunite with DavidN. I found him levitating about five feet off the ground (thus making us roughly the same height) due to his own experience; while I was busy blowing away a small handful of writers, he had apparently been busy bringing putting on the performance of his life in front of the entire Masquerade. He let me hear an audio recording he took by having his iPhone in his pocket while he was on stage, as proof that he had completely brought the house down.

But, you know, other than that, it was kind of a slow evening for both of us.

Someone had apparently decided to discharge a fire extinguisher and pull the fire alarm at the main con hotel at four in the morning or so on Sunday. I was in the Courtyard so I missed it, but it was the talk of the con the next day. Anyway, Kaye and I went to a panel on gender identity, which was basically another general around-the-room discussion. It was an interesting conversation and we both had fun. Then Kaye left, DavidN and friends were busy elsewhere, and I attended another writing panel, from a guy who was basicaly the exact sort of hardass purist that the first pre-Slam panel emphasized that it wasn't. After that, there was some (but not very much) downtime, and someone from the Slam found me sitting there and took my FA name again (just to make sure he had it right) with my friends sitting right there. It was somewhat hard not to squee.

After that, sadly, things got a bit rougher. We split up again, and I hit a charity auction just for one single item (or half of one item, even; a set of two framed pieces of artwork, one of which I actually wanted. I won, and gave the other one to DavidN.) The rest held no interest whatsoever and ran stupidly late, but I hung out in the ballroom while it went on anyway, more or less because I had nothing better to do. By then, the approaching hurricane had cancelled my flight back home, and I desperately needed to get back to the Courtyard (I was completely unable to get any sort of internet connection at the actual con hotel at any time ever) to rebook, all while my mother wouldn't stop calling me to tell me things I already knew and beg me to call her back (even though I already had--she just wanted me to do it again, I guess?) like it had already hit and I was already some helpless Katrina survivor trapped in the Superdome and considering cannibalism if the helicopters didn't get there by tomorrow, or something. And all I wanted was that one piece of art (well, two) I won so I could go home and get this worked out as quickly as possible but by the time they finally stopped and let us check out and I got through the lines and everything, I was still trapped at the con with something like ten minutes until closing ceremonies.

I was admittedly somewhat panicky toward DavidN and testy toward my mother at this point, but things seemed to find resolution quickly enough. DavidN took me back to the Courtyard, I successfully rebooked my flight, got some food, and we went back, a little late to the closing ceremonies but oh well. Once the crisis was over, I felt bad about my less-than-optimal mental state and behavior in retrospect, but ... oh, well. Sorry.

I'm glad I caught at least some of the closing ceremonies. There was video of a photo montage set to music, and once again, it made me feel this sort of nostalgic longing, like a "remember the good times we had" video from a big family I wasn't fully part of yet but I swear I'm going to be someday. I already look forward to catching the fire alarm references they'll be making at FF 2013, which I already want to attend.

I wanted to attend the after-closing ceremonies party and/or another improv thing that was happening at around the same time, but due to the flight rescheduling, the plan somehow turned into "I need to be up to get ready to catch my flight in about seven hours; I should probably go to bed." DavidN, DF, Susi, Scani, and I sat around a table and hung out for a bit first--basically as long as it took to get some food and draw a little. DavidN and I traded pages of random doodles we had made, not unlike a real-life OpenCanvas session or something. Mine was terrible; he totally got the bad end of that trade.

As I write this, I am on the first of two flights home (from CT to NV, then NV to NM) coming at you live from the plane's WiFi access. So long as nothing happens to the second flight to strand me in Nevada or something, I appear to have made it, and just in time. So now it's time to look back on my trip and reflect! Which is why I'm writing this.

That's just a sort of blow-by-blow account of what happened, though. I didn't get too much into the emotional side, and what it meant to me and everything ... honestly, DF did his own recap and he did a lot better job capturing that sentiment than I could. Go read that, and ... yeah, me, too.


I will, however, add how great it was to see everyone, at least partly because I could finally physically show off some items of mine that I have never been able to find in convenient linkable internet form. My old Mario Bros. comic, for example; DavidN has now seen the thing from which two of my LiveJournal icon came, and understands the obscure reason why I have a problem with Mario 64's ending. I have never found it posted anywhere, so I was never able to show him before. (Even those icons I had to scan myself.) Even just the stupid little things like that, it is so wonderful to finally connect on that level....

Anyway, very much looking forward to doing this again. In retrospect, I like the arrangement with the Courtyard as the home base; it's short enough travel that going back and forth isn't too much of an issue, and the Courtyard was just plain nicer to stay in, what with is actual working internet connection and all. I think we'll do that again next time, even if we act early enough that the main hotel is still open when we go to decide.

And to everyone who was there: I love you guys.
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Time:02:14 pm
Today, I get to pack, look up airport procedures, make plans with people, and otherwise get ready to go, for tomorrow morning, I hop on a plane and then it's off to FurFright! This is my very first furry convention, so I'm kind of in that space somewhere in between "this is so new and exciting!" and http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/AAAAAAAAA!

Current plans include:
  • Hanging out with davidn and budgiebin (and with three of the five members of Team Hatoful in the room, I make no promises that the Pidgeworth voice won't enter the conversation at some point) as well as lupineangel and, from what I hear, perhaps crassadon? Maybe more people, too? There's a chance someone's going and I wasn't aware and forgot to include you because of that. Basically, if you're going to FurFright, let me know and we can totally hang out!
  • Etrian Odyssey III co-op with davidn. I am anticipating a glorious dominating victory over Leviathan and getting absolutely massacred by the Elder Dragon, but we'll see!
  • All the panels and events, and by that I mostly mean the four or five zillion writing workshop type ones. I am kind of working on my own anthropomorphic novel, after all. I should probably sit in on these things and learn something. Also the gender identity one sounded fun and relevant to my interests.
  • Spend more money on commissions in three days than I have in the past three years, probably.
  • Retire to my single roommate-less room with whoever may be following me for as much consex as can reasonably be obtained
  • Probably other stuff I'm forgetting!

Oh God I still need to get ready and I don't even know how. Excuse me.
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Time:06:40 pm
Current status on the editing/proofreading/revising/etc. phase of my novel:

(Note that I am employing a "give each chapter a complete overhaul and then a few quick passes, and then a quick pass to every other chapter so far, and then move on" strategy to keep everything relatively current and attempt to avoid the Forth Bridge problem.)

(Ch. 1-4 overhauls and passes done way back before I had the idea to keep track of the dates on which I finished anything)
Ch. 1 pass:	2012-06-10
Ch. 2 pass:	2012-06-14
Ch. 3 pass:	2012-06-19
Ch. 4 pass:	2012-06-23
Ch. 5 overhaul:	2012-08-15
Ch. 5 pass:	2012-08-28
Ch. 5 pass:	2012-09-12
Ch. 1 pass:	2012-09-18
Ch. 2 pass:	2012-09-24
Ch. 3 pass:	2012-10-01
Ch. 4 pass:	2012-10-08
Ch. 5 pass:	2012-10-18
Ch. 6 overhaul:
Ch. 6 pass:
Ch. 6 pass:
Ch. 1 pass:
Ch. 2 pass:
Ch. 3 pass:
Ch. 4 pass:
Ch. 5 pass:
Ch. 6 pass:
Ch. 7 overhaul:
Ch. 7 pass:
Ch. 7 pass:
Ch. 1 pass:
Ch. 2 pass:
Ch. 3 pass:
Ch. 4 pass:
Ch. 5 pass:
Ch. 6 pass:
Ch. 7 pass:
Ch. 8 overhaul:
Ch. 8 pass:
Ch. 8 pass:
Ch. 1 pass:
Ch. 2 pass:
Ch. 3 pass:
Ch. 4 pass:
Ch. 5 pass:
Ch. 6 pass:
Ch. 7 pass:
Ch. 8 pass:

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Time:05:56 am
In which I ship Hatoful pigeons in the Homestuck Alternian quadrants shipping grid, I DON'T KNOW WHY EITHER please send helpCollapse )
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Time:01:54 pm
So I guess everyone come to #hatoful when you see this and we'll pidge once we all get there and combine our powers and summon Captain Hatoful or something?

Edit: Pigeons over, here's where I would normally delete this post but I like the comments so eh.
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Time:06:36 pm
Hatoful Boyfriend BBL speculation, based on something that came up during our last session. This is normally xaq's job, but we just happened to touch on a pet theory I've had for ages, and I really want to forward it because it's something I honestly believe.

[Coo.]Nageki is horizontally bound to whatever anchor point he has, which is why he can't leave the library, but it's already directly stated and common knowledge that he can travel freely along the y-axis. We know that already. So....

The medical center is directly below the library. I'm not going to make an AutoCAD Pigeonation's blueprint or anything, but suffice it to say that with the whole thing about two buildings except they're connected underground, a walled-off entrance to the medical center in one but you can still get there via a secret passage in the other, etc., it's not that unreasonable to think they went through the passage and tunnel and everything and ended up directly below the library.

I refer all of you to entry #3 in the in-game archive.

So, to everyone asking about why Nageki is bound to the library of all things even if he died in the medical center, does it have something to do with the encyclopedia or what, I say this: the entirety of the library is a red herring. Nageki is not, and never was, bound to the library. He is, and always has been, bound to the medical center. The reason why probably has something to do with Shuu preserving his remains down there somewhere. Nageki just traveled upward to the library, and after enough years passed and with the ghost amnesia thing, he just forgot and assumed he must be bound to the library. (Remember that he needs Ryouta and Hiyoko to say or do something to jar his memory on a lot of plot-relevant things.)

This is why later (we haven't gotten that far yet in our second runthrough, but for those who remember it from last time) Nageki is able to appear to Ryouta and Kazuaki during their crazy confrontation in the medical center. Though, if he were bound to his own remains (which were in the medical center,) then he could probably appear pretty much anywhere Ryouta was by that point....

[Oh, and another one.]Also, when you start BBL and it gives you the choice to live a normal live or fulfill the promise ... the "you" in question is Shuu. You are deciding on his behalf whether to begin Operation Hatoful or just stick to the usual level of lower-profile student-murdering and Ryouta-poisoning for another year. He's the one who originally made the promise and Operation Hatoful is his way of fulfilling it, remember?
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Time:08:37 pm
I've been working on a list of RPG equipment references. Like, if I ever make my own RPG or something, davidn's Crystal Towers 2 taught me that 3/4 of the fun of making a game is the shout-outs and references to whatever you happen to be into that you can cram absolutely everywhere. Thus, I figure there are enough notable pieces of equipment from other games I've played, dorky power metal I've heard, etc. that I could at least make a decent stab at filling an equipment list.

I've been slowly adding to the list every time one or two more ideas pop into mind, and by now, it's rather largeCollapse )

The ones in (parenthesis) are the ones that aren't game/movie/music/whatever references. Do you guys recognize the rest? (Mind comment spoilers for anyone else who wants to play along.)

And this will probably keep growing as more things slowly come to me, too.
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Time:08:01 pm

Whose signature is this? I found it on a certain image on a certain imageboard, and reverse-Google Image Searching said image only pulled up those blatant art theft art aggregation sites with increasingly desperate names like best-hard-gay-hot-lovely-gorgeous-hentai.com or whatnot, so finding proper artist attribution hasn't been the easiest thing in the world. (I'm amazed they didn't try to shop out the signature, honestly, though I guess they were just relying on my inability to decipher it.)
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Time:03:52 pm
Is anyone here good at ... I'm not sure if interior design is the right way to put it, but ... figuring out the most aesthetically pleasing way to Tetris together a bunch of different sets of things on a set of shelves? If so, I could use your advice!


I acquired one of those cheap Ameriwood adjustable shelves, and was frustrated with the fact that it was tall but had few actual shelves, leaving me with something like only two or three rows with eight feet of unused clearance space above each. With mr_silvers' help (thank you!) we measured those holes for the adjustable shelf pegs and made more of them, extending the range literally all the way up and down, bottom to top. I also called Ameriwood and placed a separate order for extras of the actual shelf parts and pegs, with the intention of putting them in the new holes we had made, all just so I could take that obscene amount of extra room and use it for more shelves.

This is a hacked case of shelves, is what I'm trying to say here.


Top to bottom:
  1. NES
  2. NES, SNES
  3. SNES, N64
  4. Empty! I found out I had room to work one more shelf in there if I took out some of the extra headroom and compressed the first three a little, but I want to really figure out how I'm going to approach this and what should go where before I bother moving everything again.
  5. DS
  6. DS, Game Boy, PSX. Note: This one particular shelf is attached to the frame
    and cannot be moved. The rest of them are adjustable, especially on this hacked shelf, but please try not to come up with any schemes that involve adjusting this particular one, because you can't.
  7. PSX, a pile of instruction manuals and miscellaneous stuff like that
  8. The block of what I still call "next gen" stuff because I'm old (PS2, non-360 XBox, GameCube, Wii), PSP, in-box Genesis
  9. In-box Genesis, out-of-box loose Genesis carts

The problem is that most of these systems have just over a shelf's worth of games (one and a half each for NES/SNES, for example,) and I would like to figure out a better way to plug them all together. Obviously everything fits on the case as it currently stands (with one empty shelf to spare, even,) but I'd like something with a slightly more coherent theme, with slightly fewer sets of things sneezed everywhere haphazardly.

Also, bonus: See how many of these you can identify! (Admittedly some systems' print sizes and such for their games make this easier than others.) Hint: With the exception of some failure to put things in the right order on the last bit of DS titles, they are alphabetized, so recognizing one at least gives you a vague hint as to what letter or letters the ones next to it may start with.
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Time:03:07 am
I wonder if anyone can help with this? Probably not, but it never hurts to ask! (If not, that's fine, no worries, it was a total long shot anyway.)

Tactics Ogre was a Super Famicom game that didn't get an SNES translation in time, but they did go back and translate and release it on the PSX. Fast forward until the modern era, and they have now also given it an enhanced prettied-up remake for the PSP as well.

Visually, the screen is bigger, they actually kept the SF/PSX sprites for the map, but they touched up the backgrounds and scenery, and they completely redid the face portraits. The before and after on those portraits in particular is really quite remarkable.

I strongly suspect that full body versions of the portraiture of at least most everyone in the game exists, because I've seen a lot of it, in varying degrees of similarity to the in-game portraits. For example, things like http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-15/to-brantyn-morne.html and http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-15/to-duke-ronwey.html pretty much are the in-game portraits, and I could see http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-15/to-canopus-wolph.html being http://s1257.photobucket.com/albums/ii501/kjorteo/Screenshots/?action=view¤t=TacticsOgre_party1.png if you just mirrored it and fiddled with it a little (adjusted the colors, what direction the eyes are facing, etc.) However, http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-15/to-lanselot-hamilton.html to those shots of him in that before-and-after comparison page isn't really even close, so I'm willing to guess that the in-game portrait is based off of a different drawing.

And here's where the quest part comes in: the game has lizardmen, and said lizardmen have portraits, just like everyone else. I've been able to find full body artwork of them from before the PSP port, but nothing current, and certainly not the full-body version of that portrait, if it exists.

You know what you must do.
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Time:04:11 pm
It occurred to me that I forgot to go back and post links to the public at large now that it's all said and done, so ... here you go!

With Hatoful Boyfriend HolidayStar full version out at some point in the distant future, and the demo (which we are avoiding) out right now (though we are avoiding it,) I decided to assemble a team of friends to do a cooperative, collaborative read-through of Anghel's route in the original game, in preparation for the fact that we're going to do HolidayStar when it releases. The idea was to do this read-through now to test the group recording software and identify technical issues early, so that we won't get all the way to HolidayStar release day, eagerly and enthusiastically start recording, and then realize one of us has an unspeakably bad microphone that just isn't going to work for this, or something. Anghel's route was chosen because it's the only non-BBL route in the game in which the entire cast appears (due to Anghel himself not appearing in other routes.)

The experiment was a tremendous success. The team got together over two sessions, which davidn then edited into eight 20-30-minute episodes. We successfully cast everyone (I knew absolutely nothing about who was voicing whom going into this, except that I was probably going to end up with Sakuya again) and, as everyone has now watched the videos and seen their own performances, identified a few technical issues. (Yes, ravenworks clips absolutely everywhere and davidn has a blowing-into-his-microphone issue, but if those happen now and not in HolidayStar, then this run did exactly what it was supposed to do.) Moreover, a tremendously fun time was had by all; this group worked excellently together, and everyone was able to contribute (even random from-the-sidelines wisecrack when it wasn't their line) without too much of anyone stepping on anyone else's toes. There was almost never a dull moment, because the group format meant that at least one person always had something to say to crack the others up. We had a tremendously entertaining time, and I absolutely cannot wait to do this again.

In fact, I actually really want to do BBL now. There are so many things I just have to see how this group handles, from [heavy BBL spoilers to other heavy BBL spoilers.]how davidn handles his characters' voices during each of their tear-jerking backstory flashbacks, and especially Kazuaki post-reveal, to how xaq's barely-keeping-it-together Ryouta handles all the trauma he goes through and how his Okosan does the inspirational pep talk near the end, to how its_a_trap does the tertiary characters like One we presumably send her way to counteract the ... er ... lessened role Hiyoko has in BBL, to how ravenworks and I play off each other during Yuuya's death scene. Also, I get to chide Raven's character for his forays with x-rated videos on the intertubes, in the Pidgeworth voice. That alone is worth the price of admission, I would think! From hilarity to horror to tear-jerking drama, it will be a mad hato-fest with presumably no such thing as overacting or restraint. Who's with me?

Anyway, if anyone else wants to see the end result of our Anghel run, links are below! Keep in mind that it's sort of meant to follow my hundred-percent (or so we thought) Hatoful Livestream session, in that it very freely discusses the reveals and such from BBL (in other words, HEAVY SPOILERS) and also makes frequent references to things my Hato stream sort of ended up making iconic, including but not limited to the Pidgeworth voice, referring to Shuu as Doctor Murderbeaks, etc. Though I suppose most of those types of references can be picked up through context....


its_a_trap: Kalante Teo (davidn, in his infinite wisdom, decided there would be no confusion whatsoever from having a protagonist named after me and voiced by someone other than me), Azami
xaq: Kawara "Sad Beaks" Ryouta, Okosan
davidn: Professor Kazuaki, Doctor Iwamine "Murderbeaks" Shuu, Urushihara "Dapperkeet McBeaks" Kenzaborou
kjorteo: Shirogane Le Bel Miles Pidgeworth Sakuya, Nageki, Rabu, Narrator during fight scene
ravenworks: Yuuya, Anghel, Punkgeons, Narrator during cafe advertisement

(Week one)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
(Week two)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Many thanks to davidn for recording, editing, and uploading these, and the entire cast for helping out with this project. It ended up being amazing because you guys are amazing. [<3, or in Hatoful terms....]\(^o^)/
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Time:06:22 am
Reminder: Pigeons 2: Pidge Harder tonight! I am currently aiming to get home from work, take an hour or so to get changed/unwind/etc. and get ready, and then date pigeons at around 7:00 PM my time.

Team Hatoful: Be there! Also ravenworks if you could look into the max volume/clipping issues that happen when you yell too loudly (Anghel's first appearance, the Punkgeons' "WHAT!?" reaction to the ostracized comment, etc.) that would be super awesome.

Everyone else: As before, I will post links to the private unlisted live-as-they're-happening YouTube streams to this journal. We have the ability to see the comments left on the videos as they're being made, so it's like a Livestream text chat. If you miss it, davidn will eventually have edited-together episodic versions posted as normal YouTube videos (check his journal for the end result of our last stream!)

Also as before, we are not actually doing the BBL route (yet?) but we have all been through the BBL route before and will have no qualms discussing it, pointing out things in this route that are relevant in hindsight, etc. EXPECT HEAVY SPOILERS.

Let's coo this.

(Side note: I can now no longer link to my standard waiting for you image without hearing it in DavidN's Dapperkeet McBeaks voice.)
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Time:05:45 pm
All right, we have spent the better part of today messing around with the Hangout feature in Google+ as a means of doing this whole multi-person Hatoful thing, and the results are actually very encouraging! I think this is going to work, I really do.

Next weekend will be the real test, when I see if I can get the core Team Hatoful (that is, me/davidn/ravenworks/xaq, and possibly BudgieBin if I can work things out with her and she's good to commit to regular appearances and everything, that's still up in the air at this point, we'll see) together to do a runthrough of Anghel's otome route, mostly as a test of our overall dynamic/ability to work together as a group, and make casting decisions on the fly since only Sakuya and possibly Okosan are decided at this point. If that works (which I am actually very hopeful that it will,) then we're basically set to ... probably just ignore the HolidayStar demo, wait, and go into the full game blind, where the fun will truly begin.

The bad news is that this cuts down on the live audience portion, since I don't think there's a chat or anything, and therefore this will end up being more like an episodic broadcast show wherein the non-core audience members will just have to wait until we're done and watch the upload or something. On the other hand, if you thought feralmuse guest week in my Hatoful Streem was entertaining, today's tests have already confirmed that the dynamic with this many actual speaking hosts should really be something, and adding in text chat comments from the audience on top of the banter the hosts are exchanging with each other might actually have been too much anyway.

Anyway, today's experiments may have been a pre-test test just to make sure we're ready for the test, but I nevertheless find them very encouraging and am very excited about this project now.
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Time:02:26 pm
Last week, I did part 1 of Family Dog on my LiveStream channel, with the primary goal of "stream something as a test to work out technical/audio/etc. issues before HolidayStar comes out." Today, I was going to do part 2. I still might, depending on how things go. However, I've been preempted by some news:

The HolidayStar demo is out.


As I said in my comment on Raven's announcement, I think I'm actually going to avoid the demo; I want to wait until the full version.

However, those plans we had to work out some sort of multi-host show setup to be ready in time for the HolidayStar release? Let's just say that those just got bumped up a bit. My current plan is to do a runthrough of Anghel's otome route in Hatoful (as it's the only non-BBL route that features the entire cast) just as soon as we can get the crew together and pick a service to try. As in, anywhere from tonight to right now depending on when everyone checks in and someone finds a service.

Let's do this. It's coo time, guys. (I mean go, I totally said go.)
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Time:07:40 pm

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Time:04:22 pm
Hatoful crew, assemble! We need to figure this out, guys.

Read more...Collapse )
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Time:05:45 am
Here, have some Hatoful Boyfriend Fridge Horror. (Thanks again to TV Tropes for giving me this horrible realization ... you guys are the best.)

[massive spoilers]Okay, so, admittedly, I was wrong about the "Yuuya always quietly dies offscreen in every otome route except his" part (he survives in Anghel's route and Sakuya's extended route.) However, now that I've hundred-percent completed this game, it's a bit too late to find evidence to the contrary on this one....

You know the ID of the missing student? The one that you give to Kazuaki if you're on any non-suicidal route (at which point he says "that's strange" and confirms the student in question is missing,) give to Murderbeaks if you're pursuing him, or find out it's actually that of Akagi Yoshio Higure Anghel, the Crimson Angel of Judecca himself, in the Mad Love of a Fallen Angel route?

Consider, this is a missing student in every route except his. In Shuu's ending, you interrupt him carving up a "random" missing student, and the ID card is part of the "thanks for helping me dispose of evidence, idiot" speech.



Conclusion 2: The only ending in the entire game in which no main character dies is Anghel's otome route (unless you think Anghel and the protagonist got high and killed Shuu, in which case none of them qualify. Anghel's ending is a little unclear.)



Moa, you insane evil twisted genius.

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Time:06:23 am
So, let's see. Been a while since I updated, odds and ends time I guess.

  • After a long life (the thing came with an HD-DVD drive) and a good run, my laptop, Quicksilver, has died. I mean totally died. I mean "the guy at the computer repair shop confirmed that I just need to get a new one" died. After some searching, I have opted to purchase this guy. I should receive it within the week. This messes up my matched theme naming a little; I already had Mercury (desktop) and Quicksilver (laptop), and I already knew I wanted my next pair to be Coyote and Roadrunner (because one is one of Teo's forms, the other is a Teo Hatoful thought experiment, and obviously there's a theme when mentioned together like that,) but since my desktop is still fine, I now have/will have ... Mercury and Roadrunner. Eh, whatever.
  • Oh, that Hatoful roadrunner thought experiment? Yeah. I'm going to fix that up a bit and make a more official post here/on FA/wherever instead of just having to link to some buried comment in xaq's journal every time, but I need to finish replaying BBL to research the story points and such. I pretty much already know how Teo fits into the BBL route, but I just want to double-check everything so I'm not getting scenes out of order or anything. Also I am completely hopeless.
  • [Speaking of Hatoful Boyfriend, have some stuff behind a spoiler cut because spoilers.]Speaking of Hatoful, here's a plot synopsis of the second drama CD (complete with greatest album cover ever.) ravenworks pointed out this line: "Then Yuuya comes back from outside. He investigated around the strange field and got injured by cats." He then said that lays the question of bird size to rest once and for all (even though I responded by pointing out that it had already been laid to rest when the human protagonist mistook a murdered cooked and dressed Yuuya for a Christmas turkey.) Either way, http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lv99m0c7Un1qgssy8o1_1280.jpg and http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lveb05O77s1r79lzoo1_r1_500.jpg are canon, which is the best thing ever.
  • Yesterday, I finally completed Hanano Puzzle ("Hanano" from the Japanese meaning "Satan's Unsolvable Flower Garden") and my God. I did it almost entirely on my own, though three of the fifty levels defeated me; I needed to consult the TIGSource hint thread for 37 and 43 and flat-out ask xviith_et_seq to help me through 47. But other than that! Haha ... haaa.
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Time:10:59 pm
What's that, you say? You want to give Moa more money because she deserves it for that glorious mental asylum of a game that I recently called the second-greatest ever made in video game history?


Edit: Oh, I forgot I had a separate top five list specifically for most emotional games. Well, that sure as hell needs an update after all this. (Obviously this excludes ones I haven't played, which is why PMD1 is on it but PMD2 isn't even though everyone tells me that PMD2 is allegedly supposed to have somehow found a way to be even more heart-wrenching than 1.)

5. [NDS] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
4. [NDS] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
3. [NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team
2. [GBA] Mother 3
1. [PC] Hatoful Boyfriend

Displaced entries that I still want to include somewhere as honorable mentions:
* Pick a Breath of Fire, any Breath of Fire (but especially III)
* Cave Story
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Time:12:04 pm
Due to recent events, I find myself having to reevaluate what I would consider to be my personal top-ten list of all video games ever made of all time. It's now probably something like

10. [PSX] Breath of Fire III
9. [SNES] Final Fantasy III (rename of VI--the one with Kefka in it)
8. [PSX] Star Ocean: The Second Story
7. [NGC] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
6. [GBA] Mother 3
5. [GB] Pokemon: Gold/Silver Version
4. [PC] The Longest Journey
3. [N64] Super Mario 64
2. [PC] Hatoful Boyfriend
1. [NDS] Retro Game Challenge
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Time:04:28 pm
davidn decided that the best way to catch up on the Hatoful stream he missed yesterday was to do his own blind playthrough stream of the very same stretch of the game (I sent him a save.) So if you want to see if he handles ... what I've seen any better than I did, or just want to hear how he voices Pidgeworth or handles what to say for the "for those of you who aren't sure what a Hatoful Boyfriend is...." speech, now's your chance to see yesterday's stream again only with someone else doing it!

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Time:12:49 pm
Syncing up everyone's schedules is really hard. Fortunately, there is a nonzero chance this will be the last-ever pigeon stream from me, so I might not have to worry about this anymore after today. (We are somewhat close to beating the game, to the point where it's kind of a tossup whether I can do it in one session or two. So this may be it, if we're fast!)

I wanted to get a stream at around 2:00 PM-ish Mountain time (here is where we stand right now, for those who need to convert) because that way we could get lupineangel in, but davidn does not appear to be online. I'm totally going to do this if he shows up at any point between now and then, but I kind of feel weird starting without him. Bah!

Edit: Stream happened. Got a little farther than halfway done (about 50-75% done with the fifth class, out of eight) so there will definitely be pigeons next week. Where we stand now: Oh my God. DavidN, I don't know if you want to watch this episode's recap or make your own one-off stream of you blind-LPing this part to counteract mine (again, it's from the first save point in BBL to about halfway or so into the fifth class) or what, but you totally need to get caught up one way or another because ajsdhgaldjfgh
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Time:05:47 am
My Netflix subscription and "hey, I remember really liking this back when I was a kid, I wonder if it has aged well at all" curiosity has led me to rent G.I. Joe: The Movie. I suspect that this movie may have been a small part (among other influences, of course) of what got me started down the wrong path, considering the fact that Cobra Commander gets hit with a shot of mutagenic spores that slowly and gradually transform him into a feral snake, meaning that there are several choice shots along the way of him basically being a clothing damaged snake furry.


(Unfortunately, the transformation process doesn't stop there and eventually it gets to points like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP4wNtNGfjA#t=7m20s , but it sure was fun while it lasted. Also, it ended up becoming the trope namer for http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WasOnceAMan so I guess it was kind of fun anyway, but you know.)

Seeing this whole process raised a question, though, and this is something I actually see kind of a lot in furry: why do anthro snakes have claws? When an anthro anything else has claws, it's assumed to just be from the animal side of the human/animal hybrid, but obviously snakes don't have claws, either.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I mean, I'm not going to lie; that's a rather nice look for him, as well as for all the other snake anthros I see out there. *Ahem* But I'm still curious! I mean, is it really just nothing more than rule of "this looks good so I'm throwing it in?" Because I'm totally okay with that. Just, you know, may as well check.
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Time:01:47 pm
Good news, everybirdy! Today is April Fool's Day, which I guess means that nothing from last night's stream actually happened and we're safe.


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Time:06:18 pm
Guys, I just made a new friend whom I am totally convinced is 100% real!


[7:58 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: hi
[8:05 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: hi there
[8:05 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Hey whats up. 23 female here. You?
[8:05 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Do I know you from somewhere?
[8:05 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Miami
[Note: I meant, like, from FurAffinity or something. I've never been to Miami in my life.]
[8:06 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Well that wasn't a suspicious answer or anything.
[8:06 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: No sorry not on here
[8:06 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Is Cleverbot hitting on me?
[8:06 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: NO i am not a bot
[8:06 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Uh huh.
[8:18 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: So, what brings you to me this evening?
[8:18 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Oh ok. Sorry I wasnt sure. Anyways... Whats up?
[8:18 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Oh, come on.
[8:20 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Giving up again? You're not even trying, are you?
[8:23 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: So, what do you think about pigeons?
[8:24 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Aw, I broke it. :(


[5:56 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: hi
[5:56 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: hi
[5:57 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Hey whats up. 23 femaIe here. You?
[5:57 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: I'm a 4-year-old hermaphrodite.
[5:57 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Hmmm. Have we taIked before?
[5:58 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Yes. I was the one who asked what you thought about pigeons. This is critically important, you see.
[5:58 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Oh ok. Sorry I wasnt sure. Anyways... Whats up?
[5:59 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Oh, you know, just hanging around on the internet, being bored. If only a Turing-questionable stranger had links to hot amateur Russian dating sites I could view right now!!!!
[5:59 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Im Iike sooo bored. There is nothing to do.
[5:59 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Ohhh wait! I have GREAT idea. Have you ever watched a sexy girI Iike me strip Iive on a cam before?
[6:00 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: I'm four years old.
[6:00 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: WeII.... WouId you Iike to watch me strip?
[6:00 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Can my friend Chris Hansen watch too?
[6:01 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Ok weII my cam is Iinked through this website so I cant be recorded so you wiII have to sign up there
[6:01 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: But dont worry it onIy takes a minute and it is free. kk?
[6:01 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: This sounds totally legitimate!
[6:01 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: [Note: URL removed] Mmk go there then cIick on the goId Join Free button at the top
[6:01 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Ok?
[6:02 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: I'M FOUR
[6:02 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: AIso it wiII ask for a credit card when you sign up but its just to keep the kids out. It dosent charge the card.
[6:02 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Four-year-olds count as kids, don't they?
[6:03 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: I do have some toys i can pIay with but you wiII have to tip me some goId or join me in private to see those
[6:03 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Wait, gold? Is this an in-game World of Warcraft brothel or something?
[6:03 PM] hotashlynn623@yahoo.com: Iets taIk on that site babe my messenger is messing up. Ok?
[6:03 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: Your messenger isn't the problem, I don't think.
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Time:01:47 am
For six weeks, now, I have been doing a Let's Play-esque Livestream ... er, streaming of this completely demented bird photo dating sim, and saving the session videos in my Livestream library so anyone who wasn't there at the time can still catch them later.


Normally I'll just make a temporary post on a Friday or Saturday night about how it's pigeon time, which I will then delete when it's over. However, this one I'm going to leave up, because I want to give a very special thank-you to feralmuse for guest hosting this week. We had conspired to do this for some time, now, and I had very carefully refrained from saying anything so as to preserve maximum surprise when this week's episode started and we both started talking.

All in all, it was a tremendous success. feralmuse proved to be all kinds of awesome. Our exchange was great, and you can tell this because my "Kjorteo stopped and lost it and cracked up in the middle of reading a line" count/score was probably as high as ever this time, despite having absolutely zero lines that were absurd enough to do that to me with just the line itself. It was all her fault, you see.

While it will be back to business as usual for the upcoming weeks, this one was a special and unique treat, and on top of the usual thanks to everyone who watched (which remain as true as ever! I love you guys and your support and wouldn't have kept this going for nearly this long without this good of an audience,) I especially want to thank feralmuse for how awesome she made everything this week, as well.

I mean, I deliberately (I had seen this scene before and she hadn't so I steered her directly into it without her suspecting until it was much too late) tricked her into doing Okosan's solo recital, and she actually did it. That's just being a good sport, right there. <3
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Time:08:53 pm
davidn has a habit of finding old notes he wrote to himself years ago and no longer having any clue whatsoever what in the world they mean or are talking about. Well, here's one for him!

I just found something very clearly and obviously in my handwriting on an index card right below some weaving notes (the weaving notes I recognize; that's not the issue.) It's rudimentary illustration of an eight-pointed asterisk (basically just lines going in the four directions and the four directions between those) with numbers at each direction. Clockwise from top:

N: 179
NE: 47
E: 196
SE: 92
S: 196 [I wrote 196 and then scribbled it out, and then changed it to] 179
SW: 47
W: 196
NW: 192

This probably has something to do with weaving, but God only knows what.

Edit: This has now been solved. Someone in the comments figured it out. You will not believe what it turned out to be. I still can't believe he actually figured it out. How do you ... how does your mind work to be able to see things like that? I have weird friends.
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Time:06:46 pm

Streaming a placeholder room while I wait for people to arrive for like 20 minutes or so (from when this journal was written) then playing Hatoful Boyfriend. There will be madness.

Well that was fun. Recap videos there, and yes, there was madness.
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Time:05:19 pm
Thanks to one of my favorite Lets Play threads in a while, I just bought the full version of Hatoful Boyfriend, which is ... well, basically you start with a dating sim starring Google Image Search stock photo birds (though sometimes they dress up in maid outfits and the like and yes this is a real screenshot from a real game) but once you can accept that totally sensible and logical premise, then things start to get weird from there. Like, this is already weird enough when you think you're just there to date stock photo birds, but ... well, let's just say that's not even what usually ends up happening.

(One of my favorite Let's Play threads ever if you want to see just how deep the madness runs. Suffice it to say that DLSite's product page rating it G is a dirty lie, unless that's a Japanese G, which presumably stands for Guro.)

Anyway, since I now have the full version, I did a playthrough Livestream last night. It was just a few friends and a few more people they invited, but an awesome and highly amusing time was had by all, even though that's not really to my credit--I basically just sat there and made the face you see in my icon while playing, and the absurdity of the game itself was where most of the humor arose. And that was one of the less weird paths, though some of the people who were there but didn't read the thread might not believe me on that. To that I say: just you wait.

So, since experiment one was such a success, I'm totally going to do this again. http://www.livestream.com/kjorteo , video recap of last night's session is there (skip to about 16:10 unless you're deeply fascinated with watching me struggle to get the audio and visual streaming working) and I'll be streaming again sometime next weekend, probably Saturday the 25th eveningish. We'll see, though. Anyway, hopefully everybirdy can make it!
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Time:09:47 pm
My Retrode came today. I've been busy dumping SRAM (that is, battery saves) of everything that hasn't died yet (which is, surprisingly, everything so far as of when I write this post, though I still have several to go.)

My Mario Paint file still exists.

After transferring it over to my computer, I opened it with an emulator and poked around to see what sort of madness I could have created back in the ChocoboKick era.

I apparently made this:

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Time:07:38 pm
I have spent ten years telling people that I'd love to go to a furry convention someday, but I have neither the free not-working time nor the finances to be able to do so. Were I still weaving, that would still be the case. My situation has changed (for the better, significantly) so I suddenly find myself able to revisit that stance. I'm actually able to afford things, now, and today I just put in the time off request and had it approved, so I guess it's as close to official as it can be without my having registered/bought plane tickets/rented a hotel yet.

I'm going to Furfright.

Yes, the one in October.

Yes, I am announcing this a full nine months in advance. This is because davidn has informed me that the main hotel is already full. You bunch of crazy overeager hyperactive furries have basically forced my hand in this.

I'll try to figure out the hotel thing later and don't even talk to me about the plane yet. I think that getting the vacation approved is enough for one day, considering that it's still January.

Anyway, this is going to be my first-ever con, so wish me luck. And also come join me, because the whole point of this exercise is rampant consex hanging out with all my internet friends.
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