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Subject:FF7: Reeve is a furry
Time:07:03 pm
xyzzysqrl and I cracked the code.

And yes I know everyone who played FF7 knows that but you don't know just how deep it goes.

Allow us to walk you through this.Collapse )
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Subject:Game writeups
Time:11:20 am
I have decided to blatantly steal xyzzysqrl's penchant for doing quick little writeups every time I either beat a game or decide to abandon it. Don't expect a sudden flood of content, though--she can get through roughly 50 games a year, and I'll consider myself lucky if I can do half that many in my entire natural lifetime. Hell, one of the points in my last New Year's recap was that I've made peace with the fact that my backlog is unconquerable and there will always be games, so I'm just going to follow whatever I have a random whim to play and try not to worry about it so much. Still, I figured it might be fun to post a little something whenever I do happen to finish something, and I mean it's not like either this journal or teogames (where I'll be posting these) was drowning in updates anyway.

So, yeah, head over to teogames if you want xyzzysqrl-like recaps on stuff I finish/abandon, I guess! My first entry should already be there by the time you're reading this (if not, keep refreshing) and you can expect the next one... I don't know, maybe sometime next year.
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Subject:2016 in review: Well, that was a thing.
Time:11:58 pm
The year is drawing to a close, and so here we are once again, looking back in reflection. Brace yourselves; I have a lot to cover.

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Subject:Election morning
Time:08:17 am
So, uh, last night was kind of a rough night for me.

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Subject:#zap gender
Time:01:32 pm
(That was a reference to a ZZT command, not to Twitter hashtags. You kids with your insta-whatsits, back in my day, etc.)

long and also contains some photos of my chest after being hit with a laserCollapse )
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Subject:To the Moon
Time:01:44 pm
Almost two years ago, birdlooke or Elijah (who at the time was still Bird), Zoey (who at the time was my girflriend and... you know, there), and me started a project to do a Let's Play of Freebird Games' To the Moon. Getting all three of us available and together and willing to record at the same time proved impossible, and the project languished. Then Zoey left.

Elijah and I recently decided to revisit this project on our own. I wanted to clear it off my to-do projects list (which is... immense,) I was still curious about this game I'd heard was really good but never played beyond that first session, and maybe on some level I just wanted to get a little closure by tying up a loose end from the Zoey era.

Anyway, Elijah and I finished up the game and I just posted the final episode of it this morning, and all I can say is wow. What a beautiful, phenomenal game. If I haven't already established myself as the biggest crybaby of Team Hatoful, breaking down during the emotional scenes like tears are my damned catchphrase, I probably will after this and after davidn finishes posting our Undertale sessions.

Here, then, is To the Moon played by Kjorteo and Elijah of Team Hatoful.

Does this leave me with more free time now that one of my big long-term projects is actually done? Well... no, because now we're hooked into the fandom and we of course have to check into the side content and sequels and all that. But those are at least new projects, not me being haunted by an unfinished relic from a different time in my life. I'm proud of what we've done here. I feel good about this. Those are good tears.
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Subject:Year in review: careers, relationships, genders, and more
Time:03:25 am
How was the year 2015 for you -- what was the most important thing that happened to you this year? With 2016 about to dawn on us, what things are you looking forward to (or dreading) the most about the new year? If you make resolutions at this time of year, how good are you at keeping them as time goes by?
Haha, I was just about to make a long year-end recap post anyway, but now I can do it in the form of an answer to this prompt.


The year is drawing to a close, so I suppose it's time to reflect on it. 2015 has been eventful, that's for sure. Here's a recap complete with out-of-context Undertale dialogue. And maybe some out-of-context Undertale background music to go with it.

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Subject:Thank you
Time:09:21 pm
I just wanted to make this update to say 1) I'm okay and 2) that is entirely thanks to you. I have amazing friends. Thanks to your support, I'm already much closer to being okay than I ever expected to be mere days after the breakup, whereas I'm pretty sure I'd have been lost entirely without your support.

My internal reactions to all of this have been... strange, definitely not what I would have expected from what one of my friends brilliantly termed "Hollywood Heartbreak." I've been up and down, in and out, on and off, cycling through emotions so quickly that I was honestly surprising myself with the chaos of it all. Like, I'd be completely 100% fine, feeling actually kind of good about everything if that can be believed, then out of absolutely nowhere some random memory would blindside me and suddenly I have my face buried in my hands having a complete all-out gross sobbing meltdown... for about thirty seconds. Then I'd be completely fine again. The day of the breakup itself, I want to say that happened three times, but I was okay other than that even that night.

Also--and I know how bad this is going to sound, like it's insensitive or thoughtless or missing the point of it all or something, but I swear that's not the case (I think the crying should be proof enough that I care about all this), but--throughout this whole thing I've been horny, like, even by my standards. I didn't choose that reaction; it just sort of happened. Maybe it's the "drown my sorrows" instincts redirecting themselves to the one vice I actually have? (I mean, I don't even touch caffeine at all, let alone alcohol/tobacco, let alone drugs, but oh my God am I a filthy depraved sewer rat.)

Before the breakup happened, there was some idle "too bad this won't happen but hey fun to pretend I guess" musing between me and a certain friend of mine about possibly hooking up for a "crash at my place for a few days, with benefits" arrangement that got scuttled because, you know, I was taken. On my way to catch the bus home after work on the first day (this would have been about twenty minutes after I got the email and found out it was over,) as I was walking, my first reaction was, "Oh, hey, I guess that whole thing can happen now. :D" Then my second reaction was, "Oh my God that's a horrible thing to say, I just lost the love of my life, that's not how I'm supposed to react." Then my third reaction was one of those quick unbidden random crying fits. Just, you know, to give you some idea how all over the place I've been with all this.

My work offers up to 7 sessions per bad-thing-that-happened of counseling as a company benefit, so I'm going to check into that just to see if it helps me get all this sorted out. If it's a positive environment and it helps, awesome! If it's terrible and I hate it, then, I mean, it's not like I'm out anything for having tried. So, we'll see how that goes.

I'm sorry for sounding so harsh with the "I don't want to talk about it" vibe in my last post. Honestly, that was mostly just to keep the riff-raff out. I still maintain that I have better things to do than relive the tragedy by explaining what happened to every single random follower I don't really know all that well but who happens to be curious. Plus, I mean, Zoey deserves her privacy, I mean come on. However, if you are an actual good friend of mine, then it's okay! I've already been talking about all this with a few of you who know who you are, and again, I'm a lot closer to being okay again than I would have been without your help. Thank you.

As for Zoey, what I said before is still true. I definitely want to talk to her again. I don't want to lose her from my life entirely. Hell, I miss talking to her even now, and (unless she feels differently, which I would totally understand and respect by the way) I really want to hang out with her and watch anime and all that silly fun stuff we used to do. It is still my goal to get this sorted out and then return better than ever. Two days after this whole thing happened is still a bit soon, though, you know? I mean, I haven't even had my first counseling session yet, and I had another one of those short random cries this morning (after having been completely fine with no incidents at all yesterday.) Something tells me I'm probably not ready yet, and I don't want either of us to rush into things that we're not equipped to handle (that's sort of what caused this mess in the first place.) But I guess I'm just putting all this out there because... well, if Zoey happens to see this, I want her to know that I'm not abandoning her, that I'm just working on getting myself together too and that I'll come back someday, at least if she wants me to. Only when we're both ready, though. At this point I think it's clear that focusing on our recovery and mental health and well-being should come first for both of us.
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Subject:Relationship update
Time:05:52 pm
Zoey and I broke up.

Ultimately no one was at fault; it was just one of those things. It was amicable, though the "we're still friends" part will have to wait until I'm a little stronger--right now seeing her name in just about any context hurts too much. Maybe someday.

I'll be okay. I neither need nor particularly want to talk about it. I'm just getting this news update out of the way as a sort of preemptive minimization tactic, since the only thing more fun than going through a tragedy is reliving it every single time someone who missed the memo asks me how Zoey's doing.
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Subject:Answer for question 4495.
Time:02:08 am
How do you define "true love"? Have you ever been in love? If you're currently with someone you love, how's the relationship going?
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Subject:A writer's lament
Time:08:06 pm
Things I have done so far while editing this particular scene in chapter four of my novel:

[X] Went back and added a date system so every scene up to this point can have actual dates
[X] Went back to my overall timeline and finally fixed the “Oops, if you do the math here then it turns out my medical researcher graduated with her degree at age 37″ bug
[X] Went back and revised and re-added a scene to chapter one that had previously been cut
[X] Went back and changed the pronouns for the character I just retconned to being trans for every scene she‘s been in up to the current point (except the ones in chapter two because the narrator of chapter two is supposed to be a callous insensitive jerk and just thoughtlessly carelessly misgendering her is totally something he would do)
[X] Went back and edited that part way back when they’re first laying out the plan for this entire journey to set up a certain geographical feature there so I can totally take advantage of it later on when I actually get to that point
[X] Changed my mind about an unnecessary honorific a certain character uses for a certain other character; went back and changed every instance of it in the novel up to the current point
[X] Made about a million notes for ideas for things to implement in the later chapters once I get to that point
[  ] Actually worked on this particular scene in chapter four of my novel

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Subject:Kjorteo Plays: Teo's ROM Roundup
Time:04:35 pm

I have a fairly ambitious (by my standards) video project in the works, but it's been delayed for ages because I can't figure out Lightworks. It's almost Linux-like in that it's an amazingly powerful marvel of freeware engineering and you can do just about anything with it, but only if you have an advanced degree. So, having stalled out on that for the time being, and run into too many availability issues with projects involving multiple participants (To the Moon, etc.,) I decided I wanted to do some quick random little one-off. This is an almost "Hello World"-level thing made half to test out my trial of PowerDirector and half just to prove that yes I'm still alive and make videos sometimes.
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Subject:Scenes from the bus commute this morning
Time:08:46 pm
Woman sitting next to me: (Says something that sounded to me like the grown-ups from Peanuts because I am hard of hearing. Amazingly enough, this is why I usually wear a hearing aid.)
Me: I'm sorry, what?
Woman: I said, are you aware that you look like Jesus Christ?
Me: I... >_> people have told me that before, yes.
Woman: I mean that as a compliment. You look like Jesus Christ. That is a compliment.
Me: >_> Thank you.

(I try to get back to working on my novel, and eventually become vaguely aware that she is trying to get my attention again. She tries to ask me something and I fail to understand her question no fewer than three times because I am hard of hearing.)

Woman: (Waa waa waaa?)
Me: Hmm?
Woman: (Waa waa waaa?)
Me: I'm sorry, what?
Woman: (Waa waa waaa?)
Me: Um...
Woman: Never mind, I'll figure it out. Thank you!
(She gets off the bus)
Me: ... Okay.
(I get back to working on my novel)
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Time:04:26 pm
budgiebin made me a website!
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Subject:Kjorteo's Spam Cartoons
Time:08:28 pm
A long time ago, there was Spamusement, a site about taking subject lines from spam emails and turning them into cartoons. There was a forum with people making their own, and I participated! For hosting, I kept all of mine in my own LiveJournal scrapbook.

Today, I was talking to birdlooke about something and that somehow came up. I was just going to link him to my scrapbook and be done with it, but it turns out that LiveJournal changed the formatting in a way that completely wrecks the spam cartoon format. (Most heinously, it thumbnails everything, which basically spoils it. The point of a good spam cartoon is that you're supposed to see the subject line first, so that you can then be surprised and amused by the answer to "where is the author going to go with this?")

I realized that these were so old that a lot of my newer friends and loved ones I hadn't yet met at the time might not have seen them! And even those of you who were around back then, maybe you don't remember them? Anyway, I felt it necessary to make this post, wherein I dig up all my old spam cartoons from back when I made them. Some of them are actually still pretty good!
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Subject:The 4fflicted
Time:07:17 am
Hello, everyone! Teo here with an important April 1 update!

Most of you know by now that I've been in the process of revamping/rewriting/overhauling my novel based on feedback from my aunt. Well, the thing is, I haven't been entirely honest with you about that whole project. Believe me, I wanted to, but non-disclosure agreements and such kept me gagged for a while, and I had to release those new parts 1-3 over the months as a sort of cover/smokescreen.

Fortunately, I can finally tell you the real story: I've been in talks with lawyers and agents from 4Kids Entertainment, who are interested in picking up and adapting my novel as a new series! I can't begin to tell you how exciting this is for me.

4Kids has been extremely helpful throughout this entire process, including helping me find professional editors for the necessary changes for the adaptation. Yes, I know, my aunt is already a professional, but these are ... you know, other professionals. Their experience has given me a whole new fresh perspective, and I am very excited with how the new project is coming along!

I can't show you all of it, of course--you'll have to wait for the series debut for that--but here's a little teaser, from the opening scene:

"Where is Keeper Edward?" Scout asked.
"The Shadow Realm is a place where you go to prison," Scout explained, even though no one had asked and most of the group knew that already. "Keeper Edward is in prison (and definitely still alive.)"
"Oh, no!" Celine cried out in dismay. "I'm in dismay!"
"Year, boat we should steal stay on hour mission," said Sir Coral. His inflection changed with every word, as if some voice actor had been told 'heavy accent' without any further instruction, and left to improvise his lines as he went.
"That's right," Scout agreed. "If we get to the northern city, we can win the tourament and become the champions, and then we can go home."
"And maybe use the prize money to free Keeper Edward!" Celine exclaimed.
"You're still on about that?" Scout asked.
Suddenly, everyone stopped because they heard a loud crunching sound. They turned and looked, and found it was Girard, who was munching on a bag of delicious chocolate chip cookies.
"Cookies?" he offered, when he saw everyone was looking at him. "They're American."

As you can see, the new opening has this upbeat, peppy energy to it, and does a much better job immediately establishing the group's quest. Changes like these are just a small part of why I'm so excited for this!

I've already asked the help of my good composer friend davidn in coming up with a catchy hip hop/rap number that we could use as the opening title theme, sort of modeled off the excellent job 4Kids did with their famous One Piece opening. Much like the new version of the novel itself, I can't share the full thing with you, but David has allowed me to give you a small teaser of it here. It's really coming along! :)
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Subject:Convention planning!
Time:07:07 pm
Brief as-you-know recap of situation to date: normally my friends and I do FurFright/Furpocalypse every year, but this year I can't because my sister is getting married that exact day so I'll need to be there for that instead. We've been looking for where else we could go based on the best-available balance of geographic/time-of-year/etc. availability with the most people, because flying out to the middle of nowhere to go to a convention by myself is no fun.

Update: Geographic location isn't as big a concern for Zoey and me since we can fly, but time of year is since she won't be in the country until maybe September if we can arrange it (and we are trying as hard as we can to arrange it), October if that falls through. The only real conventions (as in, attendance more than like 150 people) that don't come too early for that are Rainfurrest (September 24-27 in Seattle, WA) and Midwest Furfest (December 4-6 in Rosemont, IL). To all my followers, both the usual FF/FP crew and newcomers who haven't come with us before but were maybe considering it someday: how do either of those sound to you?

My personal preference if it can be arranged is Rainfurrest. I've never personally been to either, but reputation leads me to assume that RF is probably a nicer venue in a nicer city. Plus, Rechan (the chief editor of the upcoming Will of the Alpha 2 WHICH MY STORY IS IN) once told me that RF is unofficially "the writer's con," with much more of a writing-inclined audience and panel selection and such. I have no idea if that's true, but it's definitely a way to get me interested in checking it out!

Of course, at the end of the day, it comes down to everyone else's availability. I can have whatever personal preferences I want, but if Zoey can't make it into the country in time for RF, then we're doing MFF. Likewise, whichever ones you can or cannot make may end up influencing this decision, as well.

So, let's figure out where we're going this year!

Also, FurPlanet will be at RF and MFF both, and will be selling WotA2. One of my compensation perks for having contributed to it is that I get a free copy, which I can pick up from the table when I see them at either con. Everyone else should buy a copy to see my story! (EXCEPT YOU birdlooke THIS IS THE KIND OF STORY YOU SHOULDN'T SEE)



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Subject:Last Unicorn Tour
Time:01:11 pm
In yet another example of just how far certain chance connections can extend, Zoey got me into Game Grumps, and I got her into The Last Unicorn (we watched it when she was here visiting me, and she loved it,) so when the Grumps' own Danny Avidan made a video promoting the Last Unicorn Screening Tour, she saw it first and then sent it to me. It was the perfect promotion, because this was something that was already right up my alley, and I just wasn't aware that it was actually a thing that was happening. Once I saw Danny's video, checked the tour dates, and saw they were coming here, I passed it along to the rest of my family so we could all go. (Zoey, meanwhile, will be seeing it when they go to Australia in 2016.)

I just got back from it last night and it was amazing. A+ would recommend.
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Subject:Life update
Time:09:09 pm
I haven't written any substantive updates on what I've been up to for a while, mostly because I've been too wrapped up in events to find the time to write about them. However, I think now is a good time to make an update.

Zoey Hoshi flew in to visit and live with me for a little over a month, starting in late October. There has been what I assume to be somewhat poorly-kept secret (if even that ... more like "everyone probably knows, I just haven't actually announced it") regarding the two of us, that I unfortunately wasn't able to announce for a while due to lingering drama. That has slowly been fading over time, and I have gradually been able to let more and more people know. Today, I just confirmed that the last piece getting in the way of an official announcement has fallen, so I'd like to come out and proclaim what I'm pretty sure everyone either already knew or at least strongly suspected: yes, Zoey and I are together, a couple, very much in love, and have been for some time. November 1 was our one-year anniversary, even, and that was part of the reason why she came to visit me now, of all times--of course we had to be together for that. I seem to have entered the fun and exciting world of long-distance relationships, and this visit was mostly a chance to live with my girlfriend for at least a little while.

One of the first things Zoey and I did together was immediately fly off again, this time to Furpocalypse over Halloween. It was Zoey's first furry convention, and all our friends who were with us (you know who you are at this point) gave her a warm welcome. I got to host a writing panel, and was pleasantly surprised at the attendance and attentiveness it received. There were actual people there and they were interested in what I had to teach about writing. Some were even taking notes!

Toward the end of the panel, I segued into a speech about art and creation in general, and mostly tried to encourage anyone who had ever had an idea and been dumped on for just the genre of it, let alone actual content ("oh, furry novels will never sell" "oh, you'll never get anywhere if you draw manga style" etc.) I will admit an ulterior motive, here: part of that speech was for Zoey, who is tentatively working on becoming more active in furry art circles and perhaps even taking commissions someday. She had received some rather disparaging "advice" from a tour of a local animation studio, which had caused some damage that I wanted to undo. Zoey reports being more confident than ever that yes, she actually can do this, so I'd like to think I helped at least a little ... though it really was a team effort from the love and support she received from everyone, during her entire visit.

Speaking of writing, yes, I'm still doing that! I am still working on a huge overhaul of The Afflicted, with the hope of getting it through a traditional publisher someday. My aunt (who is a very successful published author with zillions of books to her name) is absolutely in love with the characters and world and everything I've created, and wants to put me in touch with her agent ... after this overhaul. It's big and a lot of work and I don't expect to be done with it for at least another year, if even by then, but we'll see. Making it as a writer is my "what I want to be when I grow up" dream, of course, so this is a hugely promising lead, no matter how long it takes.

However, I have had to put that project aside due to the sudden presence of another chance at publication. A certain furry BSDM anthology wanted me to contribute a story to their next upcoming project. I can't get into too many details, because A) some of my readers/watchers/followers are young and innocent and don't want to hear about this very fetishy adult NSFW project, and B) it's for an anthology, not just something I can post freely when it's done. However, I promise you, those of you who are actually into that sort of thing will definitely know more, and know where you can get it and everything, when the time comes. For now, suffice it to say that I am hugely excited about this. I am actually very proud of the story I made, and my test readers thus far have reported liking it as well. Maybe I just needed a break from The Afflicted, but I've been hugely motivated for this story all the way from inception to completion; I love the idea I had, I loved working on it, I love how it turned out. If the reading populace at large enjoys the finished product even half as much as I enjoyed making it, then this anthology is going to be awesome.

Anyway, back to convention talk! Unfortunately, I will not be able to make Furpocalypse next year, as my sister is getting married, and chose that exact day next year to hold her wedding. I have been in talks with a few of the usual circle regarding what we could do instead, only to run into all sorts of issues attempting to navigate the Venn diagrams of everyone's restrictions on where geographically they can and cannot travel, when in the year is or is not a good time, and how big or small a convention must or cannot be for comfort. The biggest issue on my end is that I really can't do anything that takes place in a month that isn't October, November, or maybe December. With Furpocalypse ruled out, the only viable alternative I've found thus far is Midwest FurFest, in Chicago, with a size of 3,000 or so and a date of late November/early December (it apparently tends to wander a bit.) Everyone else, feel free to join in the discussion--perhaps we can work something out.

Back to some more good news: my long nightmare of a work situation finally appears to be ending. The biggest problem up until this point hasn't been the job itself so much as my tyrannical bully of a manager. Well, he's gone; he got an offer at some other company and jumped ship, leaving the warehouse to me. I am now the Shipping and Receiving Manager for my company! Right now, the job is still stressful, but only because of the transition; I am literally all alone in what used to be a two-person department, having to do all the incoming orders myself when I used to have at least a little help for that, and even my order-processing time is constantly being taken by the sudden onslaught of managerial things I now have to do--meeting with people and ordering things and organizing reports and basically doing everything in the world except all that actual shipping that still really does need to get done, too. However, the end is in sight for that, as well: the company is hiring on a new clerk to fill my old position now that I'm the manager, and tomorrow (Monday) I will be interviewing and hopefully selecting the lucky winner between the final two resumes I liked. On one hand, that's another thing I'll be doing instead of processing all those orders that keep piling up, but on the other ... with any luck, it's a sign that the end of the storm is in sight. Whoever we end up hiring is going to have to help me with a huge backlog starting day 1, but still. The days of living in fear of my boss, dreading coming to work if he was feeling particularly aggressive that day, and coming home in tears when he pushed me too hard are over. The department will still be two people trying their best to keep up with the world, but I will no longer have to fear my coworker; the new person will be under me, and--dare I hope?--actually somewhat pleasant to be around (after what I've been through, this will be a huge part of my selection criteria when I conduct those interviews.)

Zoey just left back to Australia earlier today, and I should get to bed at least fairly soon tonight after my laundry finishes; I have interviewing on top of tons and tons of orders to do tomorrow. Still, I feel better now, going forward. The stay with Zoey was a huge success (as evidenced by how many tears were shed when she had to leave) and we're already looking forward to the next time we get to do this. Writing is, as always, a long and arduous labor but with a very sweet reward when it's all done. Work is chaotic but should be in a much better place once the dust settles. All in all, I would say that this was the best month in my life, but I can't be too sad that it's over, because I expect that record to be broken several times in the days to come.
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Time:05:37 pm
Is it just me, or is LiveJournal completely 100% fucked right now?

I'm not even talking about the new UI--everyone hates that, everyone has already complained about that. I mean that any page in the livejournal.com domain will load and then never stop loading. The page is there just fine, everything is basically done, but even though everything appears to have completed, the page icon is still in the spinning-around "loading..." state, the progress bar for loading the page is permanently stuck on 99%, and the status is stuck on any number of things (currently "Transferring data from l-stat.livejournal.net" in one tab, "Transferring data from oauth.googleusercontent.com" in another ... it varies!) and it just hangs there, forever, until I manually stop the page loading.

Also, I can't comment on anything. AT ALL. Comments either hang in a state where the Submit button does absolutely nothing, or it redirects me to the extremely helpful error page wherein I have encountered an error called "Unhandled Erorr" with the description "Unhandled error description."

I'm posting this entry half as a test to see if even this will work.

Edit: It worked! But I tried replying to this entry and got the unhandled error again, so that's still out.

Edit 2: People have left replies to this entry, and all these unhandled errors have left me completely unable to reply back!

Edit 3: Hooray, I can finally leave comments again! The never-ending loading is still a thing, though.
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Subject:Spam comment
Time:09:30 pm
Some obvious spambot just left me the following comment:

"You feeling great about the experience of aerial ash scattering and that it will be a beautiful, ceremonial tribute
to your deceased loved one is what they will make sure
of. You could demonstrate to her how much you recognize her and the amount
of interest you have compensated to the things which matter to her.
In doing so, the workflow considerably becomes faster as there is no more
need to transfer in between programs to complete the project's special effects requirements."

... Um.
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Subject:Kjorteo Plays: To the Moon (feat. Bird and ZoeyHoshi)
Time:08:45 pm

A play-through of the first part of To the Moon by Freebird Games (http://freebirdgames.com/to_the_moon/) , with the assistance and additional voice talents of Bird and ZoeyHoshi!

Yes, I am aware that the music is slow, distorted, and cut and pasted together seemingly at random right when I was praising how good the music is. Fraps messed up the recording at this part, and slowed down and desychronized basically everything; I did the best I could to paste it all back together. This is NOT the game's fault; the music really is lovely, I swear.
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Subject:Kjorteo Plays: NES Barbie
Time:08:23 pm

I’ve been away from my Dagger of Amon Ra LP for ages, now—not for any one major reason that’s been keeping away this whole time, but for millions of small ones. Every weekend seems to go toward one thing or another....

Anyway, I felt bad about how long that’s been taking, so I did a video LP of NES Barbie. The idea was that would be quicker, a single-session thing, so I could just get it out there real quick to make up for the lack of progress in the more long-term Dagger LP. Instead, even this thing ended up taking an extra weekend or two to edit together, mostly due to having to learn how to stumble my way around Lightworks.

Anyway, here.
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Time:09:28 pm
The new I Can't Believe It's Not FurFright is upon us!

So, uh, David, DF, Susi, et al.? Is this still the one everyone's doing this year? Zoey and I only have enough money (and I only have enough PTO and sway with my bosses) to do this once a year, so I need a consensus so we can pick that one!
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Subject:Convention planning
Time:11:50 pm
All right, everyone who was with me at last FurFright, everyone who would have been were it not for schedule conflicts or things not suddenly come up, or basically anyone who either has or totally would hang out with me at a con at some point, this concerns all of you. :D

What are we doing this year, exactly? I really think we need to get that worked out.

FurFright was our home base for the last two years, but now FurFright has officially ended. Bios has launched a con in its stead, at the exact same time and place, same dates and same hotel and everything, just with a new name and new management. However, his communication (or more precisely, his lack thereof) is starting to bother me. He posted this rosy message about how everything's going forward at least a month ago, and then ... nothing. He didn't even answer my question about the opening date when I directly asked him. The more time passes, the more I have to wonder: is I Can't Believe It's Not Furfright going to happen? He said it was at one point, but he's not really following through on that. I'm worried.

Also, I think Budgie said she was moving to Georgia, so that would put her out of FurFright range anyway, even if this new con does happen and everyone else can make it.

I know that ZoeyHoshi and I will be traveling to whatever our big gathering is going to be this year--it was supposed to be FurFright, but, well. I did reserve a room for Zoey and me at the Quality Inn around the time Not-Furfright is allegedly going to happen, just in case. And, as a fallback plan, I also reserved a room for Zoey and I for RMFC. It's in Denver, CO on August 8-10. It doesn't have a population cap like FurFright's 1500 hard limit, but it doesn't need it; attendance at last year's RMFC hovered around 1100 or so anyway. Thus, I have never been to RMFC before but the size tells me that it should have that sort of small intimate family feel that FurFright did, rather than the high school "hang out with your cliques while the rest of the massive ocean of people ignores you" feel of larger cons.

There's no way Budgie could make this one, sadly. On the other hand, if she's moving, she probably wouldn't have been able to make the other one, either! Actually, she wouldn't be able to do anything except FWA, which I can't do, because it's way too early in the year. That's still tax season, which means busy time at work, which means there's no way my bosses will let me have it off. I'm really not free until at least mid-April/early May (because, again, tax season,) but the closer to the end of the year, the better.

Everyone else, please weigh in! My perspective is that I originally reserved the RMFC hotel as a "we're probably going to Not-Furfright once it launches and I'll probably end up canceling this, but no reason not to get a fallback plan-B reservation just in case" afterthought, but the longer it goes without word from Bios, the more it looks like we might actually use that one. However, if anyone else wants to factor their schedules and their proposals for where they can/would want to go, please do! Just know, if you have another con in mind and want to know whether I can make it, here are my criteria:
* I'm not geographically limited; I can always fly!
* I am limited on time-of-year; there is a gradient wherein August or later is fine, April or earlier just is not going to happen, ever, and anything in between is a gray area where I might be able to swing it but I'd really prefer not to.
* I would prefer a smaller, not-AC-sized con if at all possible.
* Please don't introduce any weird rooming situations as part of the plan (at least not for me, you can do whatever you want for you I guess); I'm pretty comfortable at this point in saying that wherever we go, I'll be getting a room for two (Zoey and me) and that's it.

That being said, where are we going this year?
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Subject:(Partial?) Team Hatoful project
Time:08:03 pm
Attention Team Hatoful:

I am going to be a bit more forceful about this ("I will be doing this, who wants to join me?" rather than "do you guys think we could maybe do this? Otherwise never mind I guess") because Budgie already backed out last time I brought it up, so I may as well try the whole subgroup thing we've been talking about.

(Unless Budgie changes her mind? I mean, it's not like she can't play now, obviously. Everyone is welcome, just, no one is obligated :D)


Matches & Matrimony.

It is a dating sim with a plot directly, and I mean directly lifted from Jane Austen Novels (it is literally an interactive dating sim of Pride & Prejudice, with additional elements from Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion peppered in depending on the paths you take) tied together with some ... awkward art. I trust you will be able to see the potential for amusement here after about one or two pages of Angie Gallant's LP thread. (I personally stopped after two pages, though, because I decided I wanted to do this and therefore I shouldn't spoil the rest.)

Last time I brought this up, Budgie decided that she hated fun Jane Austen settings and vetoed it, but now we have subgroups so I'm moving forward with it anyway. :D

Bonus, if this changes anyone's minds for or against wanting to be in on this: Zoey Hoshi will be there! I already asked her if she wanted to join us this time, partly because we'll be needing a female if Budgie is still out (and two wouldn't hurt even if Budgie is back in), and partly because I just wanted to do something with Zoey because she's awesome. So, she is in. The question is: are you? :3

(I guess we can figure out dates and plans and that sort of thing depending on who's with me?)
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Subject:"The Afflicted" has launched!
Time:06:47 pm
It only took four and a half years or so from inception through final release, but the day has finally arrived. At long last, I am proud to present the official release of my first novel, The Afflicted.

You can read a long sample here:

If you like it, please consider purchasing the full version from either the Amazon Kindle Store or Smashwords:

In addition to my writing, the novel features chapter illustrations by Corvus Fae AKA Absinthe the Greedy, and a cover illustration by theOwlette, with lettering by RKTDWG.
Please give these artists your love; my book needed art ant graphics to bring it to life, and they all came through for me in a huge way.

Also, please enjoy my novel, and consider spreading the word. :)
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Time:02:41 pm
A few days late, but here's my belated FurFright report!
cut for lengthCollapse )
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Subject:Mercury Down
Time:04:57 am
So, some of you may remember my mentioning my system of naming computers in desktop/laptop pairs, and how I had Mercury (desktop) and Quicksilver (laptop) and was going to replace them with Coyote and Roadrunner, but Mercury has thus far decided to foil my scheme by living forever even though I already have Roadrunner....

Well, scratch that. Mercury has been subtly running slower and slower, and last night, my RAID controller informed me that one of the hard drives has failed. That's the sort of thing I'd need to act on anyway, but since I'm probably in the "this computer is ancient, do they even make that kind of hard drive anymore" category by now, I may as well just take the "while I'm shopping anyway" opportunity to upgrade everything and FUCK IT COYOTE TIME

(Fortunately Mercury is at least kind enough to limp along and allow me to use it and everything in the mean time, albeit with one hard drive. So, I'd like to have the parts for Coyote ordered as soon as possible, but it isn't a "must place my order TODAY because I have NO COMPUTER UNTIL THEN" crisis or anything.)

The bad news, of course, is that I haven't built a computer in centuries and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Here's my wish list so far, but it is definitely subject to change as knowledgeable people chime in and tell me how I have all the wrong parts and nothing is compatible with anything.


You may also note that I'm going for the stuff I want at the end level first (hard drives, RAM, etc.) and trying to find a motherboard that can actually fit all of that later, rather than starting with the motherboard and trying to figure out my foundation for what chipset/connectors/etc. I have to work with because I DON'T KNOW, HELP

Fortunately, since the most important part of Mercury hasn't failed and I don't foresee there being any connector compatibility issues with whatever I get for Coyote (since, you know, it doesn't actually connect to anything,) there's at least one part I can transfer over.
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Subject:We can pidge if we want to
Time:08:57 pm
Note to Team Hatoful: I should mostly be available this weekend as usual.


There is a chance that my aunt will be calling me sometime this weekend to discuss my novel (as I've sent it to her for feedback.) You know, the aunt who (along with my grandmother) is a published author with a ton of books under her belt? That one.

She was supposed to get back to me like two weeks ago, but it fell through because she's been super busy trying to pin down the negotiations and such because apparently they want to adapt one of her works into a YouTube series. She claims she'll try again this weekend. Meanwhile, that sentence alone should tell you:

1) What a big deal she is and how weighty her opinion is, both as far as her knowing a thing or two about how to write a good novel and her knowing a thing or two about how to get it published it once it's written, and
2) The unlikelihood she's actually going to call (she's not flaky or anything, she's just that busy) and therefore how insane I would have to be to blow it off or reschedule or anything if she actually does. This could be my only chance.

So, yeah. I don't have a time frame on when she'll call; I honestly don't even know if she'll call this weekend. However, if she happens to call in the middle of our Hato-ing, I'm taking it. I'm sorry, you know I love you guys, and hopefully you can bring a backup game to switch to or something if I drop out on you, but I will not turn down the opportunity to get personal one-on-one feedback and advice from a successful professional. Sorry. I really hope you understand.

This is all kind of a just-in-case scenario anyway, though; this is all assuming she even calls at all, let alone during that exact time span. If she doesn't, then obviously we're fine and I can participate as normal. And really, I honestly do not expect such a collision to occur. I just ... wanted to get that out there, I guess. Just in case.

Oh, speaking of novel stuff, while we're on the subject: remember the character bust portraits that Corvus Fae drew? (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2888080/ and http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2888088/) Those who have actually read the novel should recognize those as the illustrations preceding each character's chapter. Anyway, she's redoing the entire set, plus adding a ninth one of me, Teo, the woodrat, to put in front of the out-of-character afterword bit wherein I thank everyone and such. Here are the first two new ones!
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Subject:Kjorteo Plays: Snake Rattle 'N' Roll
Time:05:20 pm

In the beginning, I talked [personal profile] davidn into stumbling through an old NES game I had loved and he had never played before: Snake Rattle 'N' Roll. Much later, he and I did a co-op run of it. Then, he followed up with a solo run on the Genesis version. All of these videos can be found on his page. This is my response to his second solo run, to see if I could make it farther on the NES version than he did on the Genesis.

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Subject:The Afflicted - Done!
Time:07:40 pm
Greetings, everyone!

Just over four years ago (on the evening of June 9/morning of June 10, 2009, to be precise,) I had a dream. I don't mean a metaphorical vision; I mean a literal "I was asleep and then suddenly I was back in my old high school" dream. I took from that dream a basic premise and, after editing, some workable story elements. More editing ensued, then writing, and now, just a day or two after its four-year anniversary, I am pleased to announce that my novel, The Afflicted, is DONE!

Well, the part that involves me working on it, anyway. The next step is to send it out to everyone who is interested, and await their feedback. I'm doing this at the same time I'm also waiting to hear back from the artists I'm commissioning for updated versions of the book cover and between-chapter illustrations. This waiting will continue until the feedback and new illustrations are in, at which point I will put everything together, and then put it on the Kindle store.

This is where you come in! If you have any interest in being one of my advance readers, please let me know! I am looking for people to read it and help me hunt down any random typos I may have missed, as well as general feedback. Just let me know who you are and where I know you from, and if you're on my cool list (I'm trying to limit this to friends and such rather than just fling free copies around blindly because it's still kind of a beta--I will let you know when the 100% finished version is out and ready for sale, believe me!) then I will set you up. :D For those who aren't familiar with The Afflicted, it is an anthropomorphic novel, and here's my best attempt at a quick boiled-down synopsis: A deadly plague has claimed most of the outside world, forcing survivors in one of the last remaining cities to live beneath an oppressive dome and an equally oppressive mayor. Outside, a group of infected exiles has formed, but must contend with disease, hunters, and their own internal friction. Undertaking a long and dangerous migration, can they pass on their legacy to the only other active city of which they know, or will they live and die in vain? Fair warning: This is not a bouncy upbeat happy story. There are sad feels.

Anyway, needless to say, I am very excited about this, and I anxiously await anything any of you have to say, especially if it's to point out something I missed. Every good book needs editors, after all! I know that some grammar errors are intentional (Scout and Girard are from the streets, and have the split infinitives to prove it,) I struggled a bit with figuring out pluperfect/past perfect tenses in situations where characters already in the past tense flashed even farther back ("Kjorteo recalled the time he had first started to write his novel.") I *think* I got it all fixed, but if anyone happens to be an expert in that field, I would love for them to check whether I missed anything.

I'm probably going to spend some of my time "off" (while waiting for everyone else to get back to me) working on an afterword/thanks/credits section to put at the end of the finished novel. If you give me any help with this project at all, then expect me to thank you by name. (If you are someone I know from the internet and have more than one identity between real life names and online usernames and such, please let me know how you would like me to credit you!) However, even before I have written that, just right now, please allow me to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported me. It has been a very long journey, and I know I never could have done it without you. I love you all. :)

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Subject:Weekend plans
Time:08:51 pm
All right, so, if I am understanding correctly, is this the weekend wherein the team gets together and does stuff again?

If so, I should note that I will be out all of Sunday, due to the sudden presence of another appointment. (You know when you go to the doctor for a checkup and everything is absolutely 100% fine and therefore they don't need to see you again at all for any reason for an entire year? Yeah, I miss that.) However, Friday evening and all day Saturday are fine. What did we do last time, something like 12:30ish Albuquerque time on Saturday? I could totally do that again.

As for what's on the menu, we have the Undertale good ending, and one or two Hatoful manga chapters. Do we have a plan for what we want to do and how we want to go about it?

One thing I will bring up is that I've seen suggestions that we should handle Undertale by just reloading the last save file and redoing the final battle, but I kind of wanted to start over and do the whole thing again, for a few reasons:
1) We missed a ton of dialogue last time (such as all the other cell phone options, some rooms we didn't enter, etc.)
2) One or two extra comments that appear on the not-first play-through (though you'll probably just lump those in with the pile of stuff we already haven't seen anyway)
3) I can't remember if the variant of the good ending I'm hoping to get requires a perfect pacifist run. If it does, then we kind of messed that up by eating the Vegetoid.

As for the content we would be repeating, I was thinking of just ... eh, whatever random improv, do an alternate take on the lines, have unrelated banter and commentary on other aspects while the conversation runs unattended in the background, whatever. If David is editing these videos, then he can cut that stuff out later anyway. If not, and he's just dumping the Hangout file itself and calling it good, then he won't have to do any laborious editing. This is what I call a win-win situation. :D

That's assuming we go along with my plan and redo it from the beginning, of course. If people would rather just disregard all that, do it from the last save just to get the game over with quickly, and let the missed stuff remain forever missed, then ... well, okay.

Also, I know Raven wanted to bow out of Undertale at this point, which is also okay. Mostly I'm just trying to figure out what the plan is at this point. Hatomanga warmup, then Raven leaves and we go through all of Undertale again? Or we just do it from the last save and Raven hangs around because it's only like five minutes at that point? Or whatever other combination of options?

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Time:07:00 pm

I have fallen hard for the UnderTale demo. I've played it and replayed it about a zillion times, now, and I've kind of been trying to push it on everyone else I know anyway, so it occurred to me that this might be a possibility for the next Team Hatoful project.

It's short, because it's a demo, so it wouldn't take over our lives for the next six months or anything. (Well, maybe mine, but for different reasons. Ahem.) However, there's tremendous replay value in that there's multiple endings, things react to how you play and even how you played last time if it's not your first run through, etc. Lots to explore, even without being long!

The story is amazing thus far ... I would describe it as comparable to Hatoful, as far as the swings between http://kjorteo.tumblr.com/post/51273583007/mukurohikusaba-and-if-you-choose-the-option -like moments and heavily emotional content. There are definitely feels to be had, but if you guys made it through The Day the Night Slept, you can handle anything. ;) And besides, it's good!

I've spoken with Budgie and David already and they're on board, so I guess it comes down to Xaq and Raven. It would be a sort of blind play-through, in that David would be the one actually playing/controlling and he hasn't touched the game yet, whereas I am already fully immersed (and have used that to make some casting decisions already, on the chance we actually do this) but obviously I know better than to say anything. :D Budgie got partway into it, just enough to decide it was awesome and she's on board, and then stopped. If Raven and Xaq decide to go for this, I'll leave it up to them how much (from zero to all to anything in between) they want to play beforehand.

Schedule-wise, we can take the start of this fairly slowly, since David still has his Super Metroid play-through going on, and I already have my Dagger of Amon Ra playthrough (though I would be more than happy to shift priorities and do this primarily and work Dagger in around that.) It shouldn't take more than a few gatherings to do it and that's after accounting for the multiple endings and such, but we can still take our time to pick a date that's convenient for everyone and ease back into this, rather than "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'RE DOING ALREADY UNDERTALE STARTS RIGHT NOW" or anything. Also, that would give us time to come up with a better structure for when exactly we meet up, so we could save time on the "waiting all day for everyone to arrive" thing, too.

So, there you go, it's another idea, anyway!

And of course, of course we're doing Xaq's Hitori shrine scene, too. It's too short to gather everyone together just to do that, but I've been waiting for some sort of new project to come along at least partially so that we can slip that in first as a warmup while we're all there. And then maybe UnderTale after that? Maybe? :3

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Time:06:25 pm
  • Ryuuji Edward
  • Shuu Drake
  • Hitori Warner
  • Sakuya Le Bel Coral
  • Coolene Coral
  • Kazuaki Noble
  • Yuuya Signey
  • Nageki Sebastian

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Subject:Scene attempt
Time:09:03 pm
All right, I tried to put that double-flashback-whatever you call it scene together. How does this look? (Some spoilers, though since this is a scene from mid-late chapter 2 out of 8, the things spoiled are at least fairly early on.)

Cut for lengthCollapse )

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Subject:Conjugating verbs in the past ARGH tense
Time:09:41 pm
Curse you, [personal profile] premchaia! You just had to mention that the verbs in the double-flashback in chapter 2 of my novel (that is, the part where the first-person narrator is in a scene that is a flashback, and then in that scene thinks back on events that had happened even earlier) were off and were confusing as a result, and of course I have to fix it because that's my job as an author and all, but good lord this is hard. Now I have to figure out dependent clauses with the past perfect tense and I'm not 100% sure those are even the right terms for either!

"Every time I had started to calm down, I looked around and saw (deceased character) wasn't there, and then cried again."

Every time I had started to calm down, I had looked around and seen? I would look around and see...?


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Time:09:04 pm
Attention, readers who've played lots of RPGs and stuff in their day: what would you consider to be among the best epic emotional battle themes of all time? I'm talking, like, a fight with enough drama behind it to be memorable. Maybe it's the time you finally get to face off against the bastard who's been causing you grief for the entire game, or maybe it's a tragic battle against an old friend who turned evil or something. Just some battle theme for a moment that says "I swear I will kill you where you stand, just as soon as I stop shaking/crying long enough to be able to raise my sword."

I ask because I'm playing Tactics Ogre's PSP remake, and I'm thinking this one is pretty hard to beat:

(Note that it's especially perfect for the setting; much like the rest of the Ogre Series, Tactics Ogre's world is a Game of Thrones-esque bloodbath with more upheaval and suffering than whimsical adventuring, and the plot-important showdowns tend to have a "so, it has come to this..." feel as a result, which I believe this song captures very well.)

However, I feel like I should be remembering something else that I'm not, like there's some other extremely obvious example that is slipping my mind and will make me feel like an idiot when someone replies with a link to it. However, I did at least remember Antipyretic, Guardians of the Sorrowful Ice, Dragon Asymmetry, and this song whose title I don't know how to translate (and that I primarily know from a source other than Higurashi, obviously.)

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Time:05:52 am
At the urging of [personal profile] premchaia and after [personal profile] davidn had already followed along, I'm on Dreamwidth now! From what I see so far, it's basically The Other LiveJournal, only supposedly with less stupidity on the management side. I guess. All I see at this level so far is that it has a subtly better collection of toys to play with (such as the cross-posting feature that allows me to only have to write this once and have the LiveJournal side covered as well) and the fact that my page is beautiful. (Not that it has to be for anyone else considering DW, of course; Prem's and David's pages are already much more respectable, for example. But you know me. <3)

Anyway, I was going to make this big old thing about whether I should be officially moving or whatever (especially since the Hatoful community at least used to watch my journal for "streaming now" updates before the Tumblr came along) but if the cross-posting feature works, then I guess never mind!

Edit: I've posted and then edited this entry about a bazillion times because I keep noticing tiny little typos and such, and not only did the LJ cross-post successfully go through, but so did all the edits. Awesome.

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Time:08:57 pm
Attention Team Hatoful: I just had the most terrifying speculation/theory about The King's verbal tic. (Even though I would be surprised if more than one of you caught that reference.)

Attention everyone else: Still a blind playthrough don't say anything etc.
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Time:07:08 pm
[6:58 PM] BudgieBin: well that aside
[6:58 PM] BudgieBin: hooray
[6:59 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: hoofzy
[6:59 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: hooray even
[7:00 PM] BudgieBin: hoofs
[7:00 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: no
[7:00 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: no hoofzy
[7:00 PM] BudgieBin: :( no brohoof?
[7:00 PM] BudgieBin: no high four?
[7:01 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: hoofzy sounds like a horrible horse-themed digital pet social site populated by the unholy union of deviantART and Facebook
[7:01 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: omg kaye please click on my hoofzy so it can hatch
[7:01 PM] Kjorteo Kalante: would you like a custom adoptable only 250 HZ$
[7:01 PM] BudgieBin: nooooooo oh my god


So today I accidentally typed with my hand on the wrong keys and started a social network.

In other news, my G1 pony icon reminded me that Out of Context Animation actually accepted and posted that one screenshot I sent them. Hoofzy Hooray!
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Time:10:54 am
As stated in my progress log, I have completed all the quick pass-through revisions of all the previous chapters of my novel through chapter 6, and am therefore ready to dive into the big major overhaul of chapter 7. Meanwhile, I have a new what-I-have-so-far version that includes chapters 1-6, and am ready to share it! I don't do this every time, but this particular one was a bit of a milestone for me (finishing up chapter 6 means I have 3/4 of the chapters down, and 6 is also a fairly major one, content-wise, and is therefore one that I am quite eager to show off) so I want to celebrate by passing this thing out to any friends/watchers/etc. who ask. Does anyone want to see it? Just let me know and give me an e-mail address, and I'll send it!

Feedback is much, much appreciated, of course, but even just the interest in general is flattering enough. <3
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Time:08:15 pm
So, I realize that the pigeoning hasn't happened in forever, because every week has been some sort of problem or another with at least one of us (one or two of us were sick, a few had scheduling conflicts with visiting friends/family, I had that job issue that sparked a spiral that eventually turned me into this three-part comic only replace "go outside" with "voice Sakuya", etc.)

However, unless something unforeseen happens Thursday or Friday, I should have an open schedule and enough morale to be back in action this weekend. As always, early Saturday afternoon (somewhere in the 1-3 PM Hato time range) is ideal, but I can make just about anything after 6 PM Friday or any time Saturday work. What about you guys?
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Time:05:59 pm
So, um ... I guess the good news is that, maybe, depending on how things go, we'll see, etc., the whole "I can only do Hatoful if I'm not inundated with overtime and I actually get to come home" thing might not be an issue for much longer.

And I might get some more time to work on my novel, too.

Edit: Actually, speaking of Hatoful, I'm updating this weekend's status to "eh."
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Time:06:16 am
So, about those pigeons!

As stated in our last attempted planning post, I'm going to be a bit busy this Saturday but it should be surmountable. I have a followup exam at LasikPlus, then I'm going to get some groceries and such after that. I'm aiming for being back and ready to record by 4-5 or so Hato Time but it could be earlier or later, I don't know. I'll try!

Friday evening after I get home from work would could be a fallback option if I actually get home from work on time, and I don't end up working late and doing more crazy overtime crunch hours. No promises, though. On a normal day wherein I don't stay late, I tend to get home around 6:00. Last Friday, it was about 9:30. God only knows what the workload will be like this time.

Also, a friendly PSA: Even if we're not actually gathering for imminent recording, please don't forget to log into #hatoful regularly (once a week should be more than sufficient)! The Nickserv drops your registration information if you've been away for too long, at which point you have to re-register and budgiebin has to re-add your newly-re-registered name to the op list and it's all a bit obnoxious and just better if you keep your nickname active so that doesn't happen. Also, one time we actually lost the entire channel because no one was there for too long, but that was back when there were stretches between finishing Hatoful routes and deciding to start other Hatoful routes, and shouldn't be as much of an issue with a more regular weekly presence from Holiday Star being out.
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Time:06:05 am
So, pigeons.

The biggest concern this time, of course, is budgiebin's health; everyone else's schedules may be irrelevant if her throat still isn't up to the rigors of a boisterous hunter-gatherer lifestyle by the weekend. That's up to her, of course.

If she's good to go and we're all healthy, then I guess we should probably think of a time or something, huh? I'm probably going to put in extra hours at work today in exchange for not having to come in and put in even more over the weekend, though neither parts of that statement are 100% guaranteed. If that ends up being the case, though, then tonight is no good, but Saturday will be. 2:00 PM or so Hato Time seems to have worked out fairly good option thus far.

But we'll see, I guess!
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Time:06:26 am
FAIR WARNING: If the context for any link in this post gives you a "this is probably going to be scary, I'm not sure if I have the nerve to click" vibe, don't click. Because guess what? It's scary.

This is probably the most bizarre idea I've ever had--wait, no, that would be commissioning Maneating Kangaroo for ... okay, let me start over.

This is probably one of the more bizarre ideas I've ever had, but I kind of want to write an Animal Crossing creepypasta. No, not like The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing; that's a creepy alternate-character-interpretation Let's Play (sort of.) I'm talking the classic first-person "I started playing this game that my target audience and I are presumably are all well familiar with, but everything was wrong and scary" narrative, like Pokemon Lost Silver or something.

I already have what I think (or hope) is a fairly decent idea for how it will go, and I've been watching a lot of Haunted Gaming on YouTube (a series that reads creepypastas aloud over completely unrelated normal gameplay footage just because they need some sort of visuals, and then critiques them with positive/negative feedback--example) enough to be aware of the more common pitfalls. (For example, no acquiring the haunted game from a creepy old man in a garage sale or something-off-about-him Gamestop employee who says something cryptic before giving it away for free or anything ominous like that; that worked once in BEN and has become a lazy cliche since then. Also no "I looked around and all the characters were there but they were BLOODY AND COVERED IN BLOOD AND THERE WAS LOTS OF BLOOD," as that's not really scary in text so much as it is obviously trying too hard, and supernatural "and then they came out of the game and stabbed me to death and now I'm dead and this is a journal posted by my friend or something" endings are just stupid.)

I think the idea I have is workable! I just have to worry that, at some point in the creative process, I'm going to be typing away, working on my Animal Crossing creepypasta and all, and then have the sudden horrible realization that I am working on an Animal Crossing creepypasta.
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Time:05:05 pm
Okay, so

A) Holiday Star is amazing,
B) Excluding things like the store clerk and guard, I am apparently the illustrious recipient of the first official "here's a new character, um, who's voicing him" addition to our personal casts so far this game, and
C) Sounds like the plan for next time is Friday evening, somewhere around 6-7 PM Hato Time?
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Time:01:55 pm
Apparently, someone commissioned "Maneating Kangaroo" (that "his other more infamous screen names should be painfully obvious but I agreed not to reveal them as part of getting permission to edit the text/repost/etc. when I commissioned him, so please don't say anything just as a matter of respect" thing still applies) to do a sequel to Teo's Corruption. I'm not going to link it because it is extremely gory and violent and zombie movie-like and, uh, let's just say it's probably not how I would have preferred to portray Teo and Sara, even post-infestation. But hey.

I have all kinds of questions about A) someone commissioning Maneating Kangaroo for something with my characters (one of whom is basically me) without so much as telling me they did it, let alone asking first or anything (again, I just stumbled across this comic today, apparently months after it was made) and B) Maneating Kangaroo agreeing to do it despite that, but oh, well. I really can't be too mad because, I mean, what am I going to do? You can't fight image boards; the Streisand Effect kicks in if you even try. And I've always told myself that I was going to take a "well, this is obviously non-canonical but you guys have your fun, I guess" approach if Rule 34 ever targeted me. It's just that, uh, I was kind of expecting that to be a future-tense problem, you know? Like "this is what I'm going to do once my novel gets published and spawns questionable fanfiction." I wasn't expecting it to be a thing already.

I guess I'd just like to get the word out that, um, that other Teo and Sara rattapede comic floating around out there has nothing to do with me, especially since the content is so extreme. If anyone saw it, complete with my characters in it and everything, they would get a ... slightly inaccurate idea of the sort of things I'm into, you know? I'm not going to say I'm pure and innocent and untwisted or anything; I am responsible for commissioning the original Teo's Corruption. Just not the sequel. Even I have to look at that one and think "whoa."

So, uh, I guess, if I can somehow get Mr. Kangaroo and/or the person who commissioned this to read this message, I'd just like to humbly request that you guys have your fun, do whatever you were going to do anyway, but can you please include a disclaimer that this one totally wasn't my fault, or something? Thanks.

(Thanks for the extra pages of Teo-and-Sara-as-drawn-by-Maneating-Kangaroo I didn't have to pay for this time, though, I guess, even if they are apparently undead now.)
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Time:10:51 am
All right, so, clearly I could have done better as far as posting a preemptive warning about when pigeons were going to happen today, but things were crazy and I was busy and tired, sorry. :(


Holiday Star is out, and Team Hatoful (and all interested spectators) is/are hereby invited to get ye to #hatoful on SLASHnet on IRC (webclient for people who don't have an IRC program already) basically as soon as you see this post. Once everyone is in the room, we will discuss and figure it out from there!

Edit: IMPORTANT: Due to a certain team member's health, the 12/29 stream is officially CANCELLED. Please check back next weekend! Sorry for the delay, feel better soon, see you next time!
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